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Region 1 - Christmas Celebration Bhajans at Mitcham Sai Group

26th December 2014

Mitcham Sai Group in Region holds their once a month Group Sathsang on the last Friday of each month and we were lucky that this Friday 26/12/2014 fell on Christmas boxing day.

We started this evening session at 07:30 pm with Gayatri Mantra chanting followed by Ganesh Bhajan and a Sarva Dharma Bhajan after which we switched on to the singing some of the most popular carols – lead by youth and the adults. Then we did Aarthi followed by Vibhuthi prasadam.

At this point someone said that there was a loud knock on the door – when we opened the door – surprise ....surprise ......who walks in?? – None other than our beloved Santa carrying a pink bag – with his usual laughter - Ho – Ho - Ho!

All the children and the youth along with the adults were surprised and overjoyed and started singing another famous song – “Jingle bell - Jingle bell - Jingle all the way” – He walked amongst the devotees and distributed to all chocolates he had brought with him in his pink bag. Then to our surprise – he announced that he was going to hold a Question and Answer session and said he will award gifts to two winners – one male and a female devotee. This was never heard of before and everyone was excited.

He then appointed one of the adult devotees – Suren - as the scorer and said that only the youth and children will participate and if the person chosen to answer Santa’s question did not know the answer he or she can then ask one of the adults to assist in answering for which only half points will be scored – but if the answer was given straight away – then full points was scored. Very exciting and then Santa started his questions – a total of 16 – all based on the life & teachings of Jesus Christ.

At the end of this session which was mixed with Santa’s laughter and merriment – two winners emerged – on the male side, young Sai Prabhu and on the female side, Adhi - who were both gifted by Santa amidst loud applause. All the devotees thanked Santa (who was none other than our Regional Service coordinator Jay Patel in disguise) for his novel way of spending his time with us and as a token of gratitude – requested him to cut the Christmas cake amidst the loud singing of another famous song – “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year” after which Santa bid adios to all of us and walked away in to the cold night. There was happiness and joy on the faces of all – young and old and each of us then greeted and wished each other a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New year and also thanked our beloved Swami for being in our life as our divine Guide and Guardian Angel.

We also observed a few minutes silence and remembered those all over the world who had no shelter, food and clothes and were suffering either due to natural calamity or man-made disasters and prayed for their relief.

Then we all shared a loving menu of Maha Prasadam – brought in by many devotees and blessed by our beloved Swami. After more happy and joyous moments, we went home with feelings of love, peace and joy coupled with very optimistic and positive thoughts & expectations of the dawn the New Year 2015 with a sense of sincere love and gratitude to Swami for being in our lives and the humble privilege given to each one of us to serve HIM by serving the humanity. “Love All and Serve All – Help ever and Hurt never”

Jai Sai Ram
Mitcham Sai Team