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Region 6 - Rochester Sai Centre Christmas Programme

Christmas programme presented by the Bal Vikas children

The Christmas programme was celebrated by Rochester Sai Centre on 13th December 2014 with great enthusiasm and high energy. The programme was commenced with the Slokas – mantras and the multi – faith prayers. The main performance of the programme was offered by the Bal Vikas children with love. All the children were very happy and joyful with Christmas spirit.

Our Bal Vikas children performed a very special programme in the divine presence of our beloved Swami. The first item was the story. They narrated a special story called ‘The Christmas story’. The children read with so much confidence and full gusto. They explained how the Christmas celebration was started by Lord Jesus.

The programme was followed by Divine songs sung by Swami’s daughters Royna (SSE2) and Sohum (SSE 1).

Then our dear Swami’s son Aadesh (SSE2) offered a beautiful presentation called “The Presentation of Bible”, created by himself.

At the end of the Balvikas programme, all the Sai children sang a unison Christmas Carol called “On a Starry night”. It was so beautiful that all the devotees felt energised and were filled with Love.

The children were so excited and overjoyed to see the Father Christmas and they fully enjoyed interacting with him. It was fun.

At Rochester Sai centre all the gurus support each other and the children to promote the confidence, positiveness, self - esteem, equality, resilience, inclusion, and mainly to be Divine, feeling God and Godliness in their hearts and among all. As gurus we are very pleased to see the changes and growth in the children spiritually, which is helping them in every aspect of their lives. And which is very evident to their families as well. We are confident that our Bal Vikas children with Swami’s Divine grace will become the beacons of Swami’s love and the role models for others.

Jai Sai Ram
(Bal Vikas Gurus)