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Region 6 - Farnborough Sai Centre Christmas Celebrations

A Christmas Satsang was held on Sunday, 21st December by the Farnham and Farnborough Sai groups.

Carols were sung and readings about Christmas and the importance of Jesus were read from Swami's discourses and Father Charles Ogada's Untold Story of Christmas. Maurice Allen introduced the day with a few, very pertinent words about Jesus and his purpose as an Avatar. Dr Chun gave a deep and thought provoking talk entitled, "Jesus as Savior". As the role of the donkey in the Bible Story is so important and key to saving the unborn Jesus from Herod's wrath, a little time was spent honoring the patient, humble donkey and remembering the plight of donkeys worldwide, many of them enduring lives of utter misery and hardship in the service of humankind. This was highlighted with the use of short films.

Six SSE children from Farnborough really excelled themselves when they all participated in short readings and a poem about Christmas and the message of Jesus and also in singing two carols very well, "Little Drummer Boy" and "How far is it to Bethlehem?" In the afternoon, we were all thrilled to welcome Mrs Phyllis Krystal who held a question and answer session and in doing so, imparted some very wise and helpful information for us all to follow.

The afternoon ended with more carol singing and a very important message from Swami about implementing the true message of Christmas.