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Sai Smaran Bhajans

Namasmarana – the life-giving flow of nectar

The first national event for 2015, Sai Smaran Bhajans, were held in Watford, London on the 10th of January. And what a blessing it was to participate in six hours of uninterrupted, uplifting bhajans dedicated to our beloved Lord, focussing on his beautiful divine Form, and his sweet divine Love. It was a perfect way to get the New Year off to a most auspicious start for all of us in UK!

A stunningly decorated altar in tasteful hues of brown, pink and green immediately set the mind at peace, preparing it to invoke and receive Swami’s bountiful grace. Bhajan after bhajan accompanied by tabla, harmonium, flute and clapping created a most sublime and charged atmosphere. Each bhajan was sung with such intensity and feeling, that Swami too was moved to show his presence midway through the event when the middle flower fell from his stunningly decorated picture.

Swami himself has spoken much about the power of Namasmarana: “Winning the Grace of the Lord is as easy as melting butter; that is why the heart of the Lord is compared to butter. It is as soft as butter, they say. The Name is the spring of all the Chaithanya that you get by Namasmarana; it is the life-giving Nectar; it is the fountain of Primal energy. Recite the Name and the Named will be before you; picture the Named and the Name will leap to your lips.”

The spiritual force of this event lies in its utmost simplicity. A day dedicated to nothing but bhajans – not only helps devotees become more centred spiritually but also encompasses two of Swami’s key messages namely:

– Namasmarana - one-pointed attention on the Lord through constant chanting of his divine name and eyes fixed on his divine Form
– Seva - The spirit which prompted Sai brothers and sisters from near and far to not only attend the event but also lend their hand in decorating the altar, set up the AV and PA systems as well as the bookshop, prepare and serve food throughout the day so devotees could feel refreshed and energised, and of course lend their beautiful voices and musical skills to the programme itself to create a most sacred ambience

As Brother Rakendu, the national spiritual coordinator who addressed the congregation later said: ‘The uniqueness of Sai bhajans lies in the fact that they are solely focussed on singing the praises of the Lord and nothing else.’

And as devotees partook the Mahaprasadam at the end – one devotee told ‘Love and Light’ that the event ‘takes you on a journey. It is a journey we have all experienced as the divine melodies elevate one to a different level, a level filled with nothing but peace and infinite bliss. And judging by the smiles on the faces of everyone there, it had been a most fulfilling spiritual journey to start the New Year with!

Ms. Priya Kotecha,
Spiritual Coordinator,
Sathya Sai Centre of Harrow East, Region 2, SSSSO UK