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Spiritual Quiz

Dear fellow spiritual aspirant! Congratulations on deciding to attempt this Spiritual Quiz. This exercise is aimed as an aid for encouraging study, enhancing knowledge and deepening reflection. May our beloved Bhagawan bless us in this endeavour.
Please attempt all questions and mail your answers to quiz@srisathyasai.org.uk by 15th March. We hope to acknowledge the names of the first 5 ‘All Correct’ responders in our next edition.
Sairam and Best wishes- LnL Team

Answers for Quiz Jan15: 1C 2C 3C 4D 5B
Our sincere thanks to all participants in this quiz, and heartiest congratulations to the first five ‘All Correct’ submissions: Palvi Tanna – Leicester, Pranav Nair – Cardiff, Anil Kumar - Lewes, Dr. Harish Kumar – Uxbridge, Venkat Karri - Preston.

Question 6

According to Swami, “When we say that we should accept only Saathwik food, it refers to food that we accept .......................”
A. Through all the organs
B. From vegetarian sources only
C. Only from holy places
D. From vegetarian cooks only

Question 7

Swami clarifies: “The ways of God are inscrutable as well as inexplicable.....To understand God’s nature, man has to develop universality of outlook and cultivate the all-embracing concept of ..................”
A. Expansive Love
B. Peaceful living
C. Purity in all actions
D. Unflinching devotion

Question 8

By narrating a story and revealing how God, who is greater than the earth, the sky, the ocean, etc…Swami sweetly declared that there is someone who can be even greater than God, and whose servant God is willing to become! According to Swami, who can that be?
A. A Mother
B. A father
C. A true devotee
D. An innocent child

Question 9

Bhagavan Baba is so unostentatious and yet, He willingly showers gifts on us mortals. What is His purpose in bestowing these gifts?
A. To maintain faith
B. For posterity
C. For protection
D. To spread His Glories

Question 10

After preaching for a few years in Mecca, why did Prophet Muhammad have to leave and go to Medina?
A. He was commanded by God
B. He was attracted by the people in Medina
C. He got too depressed in Mecca
D. His relatives in Medina needed him for some spiritual rituals

Source: RadioSai