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My Sai and I

Dear Readers! It is well known that the Infinite Majesty and Glory of the Lord cannot be captured in full measure by the human mind. However, the sweetness of His Glory can be instantly enjoyed by recounting the experiences of devotees who have contacted God, have been blessed by His Grace and chosen as His Instruments. Bhagawan Baba also says that such an exercise fosters a taste for Godward thoughts in us, and thus brings us ‘nearer ‘ and makes us ‘dearer’ to God. This Special Feature contains articles written by ardent devotees of Bhagawan describing their Experiences with Divinity, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, especially narrating ‘how’ they first came to Him! Rather more aptly, how they received His Divine Intimation! His Divine Call! We pray to our beloved Bhagawan Baba to keep us strongly connected with Him always.
Love & Light Team

Love is My Form: Living As A Reflection of Love and Service

My humble pranams at the Lotus feet of my beloved Baba.

I received a call today(10/2/15) requesting me to write an article based on the above topic and the time given to finish it was 3 days. Knowing that I am not an expert on expressing myself on paper, I could not refuse this request because at the time of the call I was blissfully listening to Swami’s bhajans.

I immediately remembered Swami’s quote:

“Life is a game, play it
Life is a dream, realise it
Life s a challenge, meet it”

Here is one of my challenges and I ask my beloved Swami to guide me through this process and also to pardon me if I knowingly or unknowingly make mistakes.

Swami’s message is "Love is my form and My life is My message”. Later Swami has said “Your life is My message" I question myself am I doing justice to this statement.

Let me briefly mention my life history. I am very grateful to Swami for giving me the most wonderful parents and siblings. They have been a great inspiration to me when I was growing up. There were challenges in my life; at school I was bullied for being spiritual and not conforming to a particular shape or form and not following a so called “cool culture”. Later I was married to a wonderful man and was blessed with two good children. My husband suddenly passed away after a massive heart attack at a young age.

The children and I were devastated and we had to soldier on. These challenges helped me to become an individual who would empathise with people going through similar situation in their lives. Swami has been churning me at the same time guiding and guarding me through life so that the impact I felt was not hard.

I was also fortunate that Swami has given me opportunities to do Voluntary work ever since I came to this country(U.K) 29 years ago. This service has given me the pleasure of meeting the most wonderful human beings.

Swami says "Duty without love is deplorable
Duty with love is desirable
Love without duty is Divine"

Love transforms the work spontaneously into an inner urge for perfection. The sculptor chisels a beautiful image because of this inner urge. The painter produces a master piece. The mother cooks a delicacy because of this inner urge of love. Love induces involvement in whatever we are doing and rewards us with joy.

SSE Teacher
Region 8