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National SSE Wing Meeting 2015: A Report

Sunday 15th February 2015

The SSE Wing Meeting began with the Regional Coordinators presenting the statistics showing the number of students and teachers involved in Sai Spiritual Education. It was wonderful to hear that there are approximately 1300 – 1500 children benefiting from Swami’s sacred programme throughout the UK.

The coordinators then shared a brief account of the activities the children have been involved in over the past year. It was inspiring to hear about the diverse events such as Sports and Family Values Day, Christmas shoe box collection, learning Vedam, distributing Easter eggs to sick children in hospitals, to name just a few.

SSE teachers were also able to share their experiences of successes as well as challenges and it was a good opportunity to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas. The importance of active parental involvement within the wing was also emphasised with practical examples.

Our National SSE Coordinator, Thana Yogendran outlined the main objectives for this year which are:

- Nationally driven Co-ordinated activities implemented throughout the UK
- Alumni Re-Connect

Sister Thana also discussed the ongoing activities for the year which include:

• Teacher Training
• Group 4 Structure
• SSE Web page including downloadable resources
• National Co-ordinated activities – Love is My Form theme
• SSE Reconnect

The nationally co-ordinated activity the children are currently taking part in is the “Love is My Form Box” to be offered to Swami on Easwaramma Day. These will contain 90 actions that reflect ‘Love is My Form’ in their day-to day lives. One teacher observed the impact this activity is already having on a child who has been inspired to perform more and more loving and thoughtful actions.

SSE Reconnect is an initiative which will aim to make contact with SSE Alumni, who have moved on to university or begun their careers and seek to actively encourage and engage them in centre-led activities.

The SSE Teachers were delighted at the news of the International SSE conference due to take place in Prashanthi in August. Many showed an eagerness to be a part of this important event.

For the afternoon session, the SSE teachers were divided into groups to brainstorm ideas for two key upcoming events; National Human Values Day and National Easwaramma Day.

Sister Thana reminded the SSE Teachers that they have chosen to undertake a very noble and sacred sadhana. A quote from Swami illustrated this:

"I am getting some things done, making you as My instruments. For, I require some instruments to carry on My mission. Hence, I am moulding you as those instruments. By imparting education, knowledge and wisdom, I am developing you all as My instruments. Hence, may you all lead purposeful lives with firm faith in God!" - Baba

Hema Joshi,
SSE Coordinator
Harrow West Centre