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Region 3 - Tree Planting at Wood End in Marston Vale, Bedfordshire

On a bright and sunny Sunday morning on 8th February 2015, a few devotees from Foster Hill Sai Centre took the opportunity to join the Martston Vale Forrest Trust in one of their annual tree planting activities.

The Marston Vale Forrest Trust is a community project run to repair the landscape damaged by years of clay extraction, landfills and bricklaying. The project is aimed at re-creating woodlands for everyone to enjoy and appreciate mother nature as intended. The area of woodland covered is over 60 square miles starting from Bedford to Milton Keynes and most of the trees planted are raised from seeds collected locally, predominantly Field Maple and Oak.

The project has been successful over the past few years with the help from devoted and committed volunteers from all walks of life in the community including small children.

So far amazingly the project has seen to plant approximately 1 MILLION TREES!!! with a view to plant a further 5 MILLION trees by 2030.

What better way to serve Mother Earth and leave a legacy for our future generations? For further information regarding the Marston Vale Trust and its activities please see the link below:

Jai Sai Ram
Sonia Sandhu
Foster Hill Sai Centre, Bedford