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National Spiritual Wing Meeting 2015: A Report

The first meeting of 2015 of Regional and Centre Spiritual Wing Coordinators was held on the 15th February in Watford attended by 30 Office Bearers. Following prayers, the National Spiritual Coordinator addressed the congregation with a brief introduction, the important role of spiritual coordinators in the organisation; he then explored what motivated them to take up the role. It was fascinating to note that most took up the role to serve Swami and thereby transform themselves.

This was followed by discussion which was focussed up on the main activities undertaken by the wing namely Group Devotional Singing, Meditation, Study of Sai Literature, Study Circles, multi-faith activities etc. The rest of the morning session was then spent on Love and Service which have been chosen as topics for the Pre-world Conference; in the UK, this conference is planned on the 24-26 July 2015. Participants were split into four groups to explore delivery of these topics in study circles. It was exciting to note that the theme of Love and Service which is so dear to Swami was discussed in all countries around the globe.

The groups also examined ways of making study circles more stimulating and interactive. The groups summarised the discussion and agreed on the action points (see below). The group also discussed multi-faith activities in their respective regions and their importance in the current climate where confusion seems to be prevailing.

The afternoon group session was mainly spent on Bhajans (Devotional Songs), maintaining quality and standards of Bhajans in centres, Multi-faith Bhajans and singing Bhajans in other languages such as English. Jenni Robson, previous Regional Spiritual Coordinator for Region 4 provided an update on the English songs recording project. The following action points were agreed:

Every centre must run regular study circles on the topics of Love and selfless service leading up to the Pre-World Conference scheduled in July. Centres to be encouraged to provide regular feedback on the study circles for continual improvement.
Continue Multi-faith activities in the regions.
Spiritual wing coordinators will lead in making initial contact with multi-faith representatives, inviting them and looking after their hospitality for the National Sathya Sai Human Values Day planned for the 26th April.
Bhajan workshops and regular bhajan practise sessions to be held in centres in regions.
Recording of English devotional songs
Meditation work shops

Participants departed thrilled and energised for the programmes ahead.

Dr Rakendu Suren,
National Spiritual Coordinator