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Region 4 - Sathya Sai Orientation Conference from a youth perspective

Swami has placed emphasis on the importance of being in the company of good people. When like-minded people collaborate and share experiences, insights and thoughts, a spectacle is created. Those willing to take part all get their share of this spectacle. During the 2015 Region 4 conference held in Leicester, devotees from the Midlands were able to come together to do exactly this. The event revolved around breakout sessions for the various wings and included speakers during the introduction and conclusion sessions. What personally stood out for me were Veeru uncle’s remarks on acting immediately, without hesitation when your help is needed, even if at 4am, and not complain if there is not enough time to conduct the activity. Having that urge to help without reservations would indeed be a remarkable quality to have.

As youth coordinator at Leicester Central I attended the youth session. Commencing with an icebreaker on learning about each youth’s favourite quotation from Swami, the breakout session was an engaging opportunity to reflect on what hinders us from taking part in Sai activities. These mainly revolved around academic, work and family duties. However it provided an apt platform to step back and assess how we can make the effort to involve ourselves in such activities based on our individual interests, resources and availability. It was thought provoking to bring to light the number of hours that we wasted in a day, which we could easily divert towards service or centre activities. For me though, the ultimate message was that there are always means through which we can do Swami’s work, for as Swami says “if you do my work, I will do your work.” We additionally had a fruitful discussion on potential long term service activities for the youth. I personally hope that us youth can aid the facilitation of these projects and make them come to life.

It goes without saying though that at such events one can become overwhelmed with a plethora of teachings, messages and advice. I certainly can become confounded about what to and how to incorporate such ideas into my life on a long term basis. However, even if we just take away a single thought and implement it in our daily lives, this is sufficient to act as our initial steps towards pleasing him.

Dixa Thakrar
Leicester Central Youth Coordinator

As a newly joined Youth coordinator I was quite nervous and not really knew what to expect.
I will try to explain my view and thought of the day and a general view of the day. The day started with a really good introduction and some thoughts and a lot of good stories which were shared by various devotees. This for me was the best “boost” I could get to start my day.

Especially, when Veeru Bhai started telling about Swami’s teachings and how we actually should implement the teachings in our daily lives. I believe this was a good foundation and even a summary of what we experienced for the full day and what we were supposed to learn from the day.

IT was really nice to see how we as the youth worked as a group and brought together some practices and learning methods to see how we can learn more of Swami tries to teach us. I personally believe that it was good to see how we in our daily lives can use his teachings and how we can bring it to others as well. Our induction programme was quite good to know more about each other and we learned about our interest. We further with small activities used Swami’s teachings in the group and in an interactive way saw what everybody’s view was.

I believe overall that the regional meeting was something which we can take for the coming months to our centres and explain to all who were not able to come. I believe that the day could be nicely summarised by pointing out to keep on reading and listing to swami’s discourses and act.
I hope we can have more of these nice meetings, with hopefully more youth, more people to share their story and experiences,

Sai ram

Vinayak Ramcharan
Deputy Youth Coordinator Birmingham Centre.