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Love and Light

Region 6 - Coordinated Activities for National Easwaramma Day 2015

This year is an important one : it is the 90th year of The Advent of our Beloved Lord Sai . To emphasise the importance of this , and to reinforce this important value in our lives- the SSE wing has planned a series of coordinated activities nationally .This is in keeping with the theme of Love which is the main focus for the year ahead.

As Swami Says : “Love is the unseen undercurrent biding all the four values. It can be summarised thus : Love in thoughts is Sathya (Truth ); Love in feelings is Shanthi
( Peace ); Love in action is Dharma (Righteousness) and Love in understanding is Ahimsa (Non -violence). Love is the common denominator for all these values. It is the form of God, for God is Love.”

The first of these coordinated activities is the focus on “Love is My Form” , leading up to National Easwaramma Day in May , and this activity has been taken up mainly by the SSE children and Gurus and parents (if they want to ). The aim of the activity is for each one of us to experience and become that Love ;that Love is also my form .
Each child has been provided with 90 cards with “Love is My Form because ……” printed at the top of the card . Each time they do or practice something good, helpful, kind ; go out of their way to make someone feel happy and when they themselves feel good and happy, then they are experiencing “love is my form” . They then record each practice on one card , and place in it a special box that they have decorated during class time.

In Region 6 this activity was carried out in all the centres with enthusiasm, and the children have diligently been carrying out this activity daily . There has been positive feedback from the children , Gurus and parents.
I, myself , have also been doing this task , and I find that it is helping me to analyse my day and making me more aware of how I conduct myself ,thus reinforcing this positive aspect of the activity . I certainly look forward everyday in filling out the cards.

Rochester & Farnborough

Farnborough & Eastbourne

The year ahead will be certainly hold more coordinated activities , that help to reinforce important values and lessons in our daily lives .

As Swami says : “ God is Love and can be won only through the cultivation and exercise of Love. He cannot be trapped by any trick ; He yields Grace only when His commands are followed-command to love all , serve all. Love is God, God is love. Live with Love , move with Love, speak with Love, think with Love, act with Love -this is the most fruitful Sadhana. Love is the core of the Atma. Love is selflessness. Love brings people together. Love is the solvent for the hardest hearts. Love is the strongest antidote for greed. Love will destroy the roots of the ego.”

Nuleen Panday
Region 6 SSE coordinator