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Region 1 - Mothers Day celebrations at Tooting Sai Centre

Tooting Sai Centre celebrated Mothers Day on Sunday 15th March. As with all other previous years, the children read a special reading to their Mothers and celebrated by doing Pranams to their Mothers.They had also very lovingly made cards for their mothers which they presented to them. It is important to inculcate these values in the tender hearts of the children from an early age in a world that is so full of secular education that the values of the old are often forgotten and discarded. It was a joyous occasion to see the tiny tots to the young adults pay their reverences to their mother.

The following extract was read out from Swami’s discourse to emphasise the importance of this occasion.

This is an extract from Swami’s discourse on the 6th May 1999.
(Sathya Sai Speaks , Volume 32, Part 1, Chapter 14)

In this world, there are many types of relationships, but none equals the relationship that exists between the mother and the child. It is because of this intimate relationship with the mother that one’s own country is called motherland. Similarly, one’s own language is called mother tongue, not father tongue.

Among the parents, the first place is given to the mother; next comes the father. Not only in day-to-day life but also in the field of spirituality, mothers and women are given the highest regard. For example, when we mention the names of Divine couples such as Sita Rama, Radha Krishna, Lakshmi Narayana, etc., the names of the goddesses come first. What is the inner significance of this? Mother represents Nature, which is the manifest aspect of Divinity.

Mother is one’s first God

Mother is given the utmost importance in human life. There may be a wicked son, but not a wicked mother. It is because of the noble feelings of the mothers that sons become virtuous, intelligent, attain exalted positions and earn name and fame. The Vedas declare: Mathru Devo bhava, pithru Devo bhava, acharya Devo bhava, atithi Devo bhava (worship the mother as God, the father as God, the preceptor as God and the guest as God.) It is the mother who fosters you and nourishes you. It is she who knows your choices and preferences and fulfils all your needs. So, be grateful to your mother always.

Though you cannot see Rama, Krishna, Siva, and Vishnu, you are worshipping them because you believe in scriptures and what the elders say. But how is that you are forgetting your parents, who are responsible for your progress in life? First and foremost, you should show gratitude to your parents, love them, and respect them. Your blood, your food, your head, your money are all the gifts of your parents. You do not receive these gifts directly from God. All that is related to God is only indirect experience. It is only the parents whom you can see directly and experience their love.
So, consider your parents as God. God will be pleased and will manifest before you only when you love and respect your parents.

It is the mother who teaches you the sacred principles like love, compassion, forbearance, tolerance, and sacrifice. Mother shows the father, father takes you to the preceptor and preceptor directs you to God. That is why among mother, father, preceptor and God, mother comes first.

The mother will always pray for the welfare of the son wherever he may be. At times, she may be angry or have a difference of opinion, but such differences
are only passing clouds. One should not disregard one’s parents yielding to the vagaries of the mind.

Respect your mother, obey her commands. Mother protects her children in many ways. Even when she is not physically present, she comes back and helps you in various ways. Never disrespect your mother or disappoint her. Do not hurt her feelings. Try to
satisfy her in all respects. Only then will the seed of devotion sprout in you. Everyone should follow the dictum, mathru Devo bhava in letter and spirit and be a recipient of his / her‘s mother's love.

May Swami continue to shower his grace on all the children and lead them on the path of righteousness, especially more so in a society that often lacks moral and spiritual wealth.

Arti Patel
Tooting Sai Centre