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Region 2 - Sathsang

Region 2 Sathsang inspires and recharges devotees

Region 2 came together on 22nd March to recharge and recommit themselves to Swami’s divine mission on this most important 90th advent year.

The programme took place at the Canons High school, the weekly meeting place for the Sathya Sai Centre of Harrow East.

The programme began at 12:30pm with a welcoming address from Region 2 Chair Sister Gayatri Bikoo followed by the 2014 diary of regional events by Sister Bharti Raja, vice chair who concluded her talk by saying practice makes perfect.

Each of the wing coordinators then presented their plans for 2015 including Brothers Suresh Sajnani, Jay Mistry and Shankaran Peethakaran regional coordinators for the spiritual, service and youth wings respectively as well as sister Shyama Jeyaseelan; SSE coordinator for the region. All four wing coordinators reiterated the importance of this year and the plans going forward were outlined as follows:

Spiritual - How to sustain the blissful feelings after a melodious bhajan session and live as reflections of love. Specific objectives for 2015
• Meditation Training for all Spiritual Coordinators
• General Training for Spiritual coordinators
• Rekindle Interfaith Presentations or information Packs
• R2 Chanting day/Lakshacharna
• Continue to support our national projects for English Bhajans and Sathya Sai Speaks recordings.

Seva - Service is a life program which knows no rest or respite. Project 90, as our Tribute to Bhagwan on his 90th Birthday will be based along the 5 streams of Educare, Socio Care, Aqua Care, Enviro Care and Health Care. Together with the on-going service activities, region 2 will take up the following two projects:
Enviro Care – Environment in the UK
Tree planting/clearing
Recycling at all levels, at home at centres/groups, at events etc.
Cleaning; Streams, parks, streets
Educare – Education, overseas
Establish needs through Sai centres in the area
Provide Education equipment
Adopt a school

Youth - Beacons of Love and service. There is a youth lead for the SSE, Service and Spiritual wings. YAPs activities are planned bi-monthly and service activities with Food bank, Refuge UK and Easter Egg collection for children at local hospitals continue. A Youth Symposium will be held in region 1 on Saturday.

SSE - Six centres out of twelve have SSE classes. Altogether there are 178 children supported by 39 teachers. Activities for 2015 included the Maha Shivaratri celebrations where the SSE children took part in Vedam chanting.

The SSE wing will be involved in the Youth Led Easter Egg collection, National Sathtya Sai Human Value Day, Eeswaramma Day, Family Values Day on 12 July, Farm visits in August, Summer pilgrimage and SSE conference in Prasanthi Nilayam, regional training day, Akhanda Bhajan, Swami’s Birthday Celebrations, Christmas celebrations and Christmas Shoe boxes for children in need.

The 2015 Calendar of Opportunities was followed by a reflection from a centre chair, Brother Pratap Thakkar, of the Sathya Sai centre of Harrow West who spoke eloquently on the role of the centres which were established to help imbibe the five principles of love, truth, peace, right action and non-violence in our daily practise and self inquiry. He further explained how centres are not individual unit but the heart of this global Divine organisation. It is imperative to work in unity with teams at all levels in order to bring out the inherent Divinity in us. He referred to centres as the branch of a tree which will only flourish and bear fruit if the branch remains part of that tree.

We were also reminded to recognise that we are all one family from an ancestry evolved from Swami, himself and concluded with this ‘Love All, Serve All’ quote from Swami:

That day alone is a true day
When all good devotees gather to pray to the Lord;
When people serve the poor and the needy in a spirit of brotherliness;
When a feast is offered to the servants of the Lord who sing His glories;
When holy men visit our homes and relate the exploits of the Lord;
All other days are days of mourning.
(SSS 29.18: May 29, 1996.)

Then National Chair Dr Kiran Patel delivered a powerful address to the congregation about the great privilege of being involved in the Sai mission. He told the audience we must make the most of this divine opportunity to not just serve in the Sai mission but to be walking examples of Swami’s love – the quality that defines him and makes him who he is – the Poorna Avatar of this present age.

The talks were then followed by two workshops entitled ‘Love is my Form’ and ‘Living as Reflections of Love and Service’ facilitated by Sister Priya Kotecha from Sathya Sai Centre of Harrow East and Brother Rajesh Ramanaidoo from Sathya Sai Centre of Harrow West respectively.

Both workshops were interactive and provided a great opportunity to refresh Swami’s teachings on Love and Service including how to develop the divine Love that Swami talks about, and how this Love should be the basis of all service activities that the organisation undertakes for it to be truly called selfless service. In the second workshop the audience learnt about the need for love underpinning all the ways in which we communicate not just with those in the organisation, but those outside of it as well.

The audience worked together on communication scenarios that could surface within the organisation and how these could be resolved through a variety of techniques such as; the need to listen, understand, learn from mistakes and bring love, honesty and harmony to the situation as well as to all those concerned.

This was followed by bhajans, mangala araathi and vibhuti mantra to bring a truly inspiring programme to a close. At the end Brother Kiran Mistry, chair for Sathya Sai Centre of Harrow East thanked all those who attended and reiterated the need to make the most of this blissful opportunity we all have as Sai devotees to not only serve in Swami’s mission but to be transformed by it ourselves into walking examples of love and service.

All in all, it seemed everyone walked away having learnt something new and inspired to put into practice what they had learnt in the days and weeks to come.

Of course there is no way that having an event dedicated to the very essence of Swami's life and teachings would go unnoticed by our dearest Lord. His presence was felt even mre so by vibhuti being materialised on a large picture of Swami's Mahasamaadhi at the altar.

Priya Kotecha and Gayatri Bikoo