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Love and Light

Swami’s Discourses...

His talk, we find, is cooling, not freezing.
Warming, not scorching; raining, not raging;
Healing the ailing and hearts bewaling;
Soothing, not searing, totally tonic;
Balming and calming; bettering, not frittering;
Impelling inquiry, compelling assent,
Dispelling dejection, repulsing reluctance,
Infusing faith, fusing fissions, defusing revenge,
Imposing no doctrine, composing dogma feuds,
Informing, so charming, never harming, disarming,
Sifting the responding, lifting the despondent,
Sound waves spreading Love, speedier than Light.
As you hear His words you quietly resolve
To take a step forward on the pilgrim road…
Unfold your wings, explore the sky
And seek regions beyond your ken.
He is welcoming all who are thirsting and starving,
Or limping and groaning or climbing and sliding,
Raising the stooping, bracing the drooping!
He opens the eye and strengthens the limb,
Awakening the sleeping, the sitting to stand,
The standing to walk, the walking to march,
The marching to reach, the reaching to merge.

N. Kasturi
Prasanthi Nilayam