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Love and Light

Region 2 - SSE Poems

Love as thought is truth

Love is the base to being good, it should be unconditional
Right conduct is next, with doing right things at the right time
Non violence means no fighting and not teasing or being mean
Peace will spread throughout the world if we follow this
Truth will be found once we embrace these values in thought, word and deed

By Sriya Moparthi
SSSC of Pinner

Love over violence

Sell love over violence
And get paid respect
This will be your guidance
Sorrow is what youíll eject

Itís time to stand up
Itís time to say ĎStop!í
Start a spiritual club
With non violence at the top

Sell love over violence
And get paid with love
This will be your guidance
To fly in the sky above

Itís time to fly high
And reach the heavenly sky
Donít you ever be shy
Violence is what you deny...

Yogya Gupta
SSSC of London West


Love in action is,
Committing to the person whom you love
Love in action is,
Loving people for who they are.
Love in action is,
Having something to offer others
Love in action is,
Respect everyone and earn respect from others.
Love in action is,
Talking through your problems
Love in action is,
Loving without expecting anything in return

By Neel Thakkar
SSSC of Harrow West