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Region 2 - Vedam Chantings by SSE Children from Region 2 in the House of Parliament

Love is My Form, Truth is My Breath, Bliss is My Food, So says Baba...Sathya Sai Baba...Our Lord.....

So are Sai’s enchanted gardens stretching into vastness and one such beautiful garden is the Sathya Sai centre of Slough.

One day, a Swami’s messenger came to the centre and slowly but gently sowed the seeds of VEDAM deep in the hearts of everyone, especially in the little ones’ hearts. Then the messenger flew away to move on with the next task.

Next came a gardener to look after the seeds and with his shears of selfless love and patience, the seeds burst out into tiny buds. These tiny buds have such a loving association with the gardener that they reciprocated the Vedam chanting swaying their heads for Sai Maa.

Take one step towards to me and I will take 100 steps towards you. So says Baba..Sathya Sai Baba… Our Lord

As these buds took a small step in learning and chanting Rudram, our loving Swami came forward and took these buds to the British Parliament. Yes, these tiny buds the SSE children chanted Vedam on the occasion of Ugadi, the Telegu New year celebration which was held in the UK House of Parliament on 25th of March 2015.

SSE children singing Vedam in the UK House of Parliament

SSE children singing Vedam in the UK House of Parliament

We would have liked to take all the SSE children, but due to space constraints and other practical issues, five boys got the opportunity for the divine chanting. Among them were two brothers who also presented a beautiful Carnatic song.

Two SSE brothers singing a Carnatic song in the UK House of Parliament

In a hall enriched with an amalgamation of cultures, with Swami’s blessings, the audience was enthralled by the children’s performance. Among those were three Hindu priests who congratulated and blessed the children and also complimented the teacher for the perfection in teaching.

One of the priests then explained the importance of Gayatri Mantra to the children. He said, “It’s neither IT, nor face book that is feeding me. It’s Gayatri Mantra alone that gives me a respectable position in life”.

We offer our deep gratitude to Swami for sending a messenger, Brother Aneesh Mohan to sow the Divine seeds in one of His garden and a devoted gardener, Brother Joe Venkat to lovingly nurture the seeds. The children in this Sai garden are from different backgrounds speaking mainly English. Sanskrit is not an easy language and that too, Vedam chantings but with love and patience, our gardener cultivated Rudram chantings in all the children of different age group.

We are grateful to Mr Ramesh Vudatu of the Telugu NRI Forum for trusting us with this great opportunity and to all the SSE teachers and parents for their dedication and commitment.

Our final appreciation goes to the sweet SSE children for their achievement. We pray to our beloved Swami that these buds will soon blossom into beautiful flowers in the Sai’s garden and further soak it with His effulgence so that each bud becomes an instrument in spreading Swami’s love.

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu

With Love,
Madhuri Aithamaraju
SSE teacher, Sathya Sai Centre of Slough