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Region 5 - My Experience at the National Youth Symposium

Flying on flight Sa108 was a fantastic experience, one which really captured the importance of youth in the Sai organisation. The event for me stood as a checkpoint, marking what our task was as youth in the progression of the organisation, and also as a chance to reflect on what we have done so far especially in terms of service activities-not forgetting being able to meet new youth!

The event fully served its purpose of enlightening each of us with new ideas of service and giving us a chance to open up our talents as service themes, be it crafts, education or health. The day consisted of many speeches on love and service, a service activity, lots of music and a workshop which was particularly interesting. It questioned that although we carry out so many fantastic service activities, what is it that our real passion is ? Could we do more? Did we want to do more but not realise it? And the answer for most of us was YES! It showed how as youth we had so much unused potential for the organisations service wing and that any passion, talent could be turned into a service activity. The chance of being able to contribute to service activities engaged everyone in thinking what they could do as a unique service activities, bringing many thoughts to the table.

Another highlight was the whole-group service activity which portrayed unity of Sai youth in action. 10s of boxes of food, toys, toiletries flooded out of the aircraft as all youth worked together efficiently to sort and pack donated items to the nada of beautiful bhajans. All I could see was Sai in action through all of us! He had purposefully brought us all together on that day to complete such a magnificent task that would benefit so many!

The talks on stimulating topics and personal experiences pin pointed the importance of service. Service is a form of devotion-all acts of service should be offered directly to Bhagawan by realising the fact that Sai resides in one and all. Hanuman was given as a supreme of example of selfless service many times through the speeches, highlighting his ever loving nature for Rama, which came in the form of service. In such a way we should also express our love for God as selfless service, not seeking reward or reputation for it.

The day ended with more energetic bhajans and an enchanting instrumental performance which touched the soul of everyone present, making us just wanting to close our eyes and listen-it was just fantastic. With closing remarks the program ended with Sai aarti marking the smooth landing of the Sai Youth Airline. The aeroplane theme added another excitement to the program, with the Sai Bucks cafe, on board crew service and personal monitor with music, videos and much more. The extent of professionalism of the theme-with boarding passes, safety instructions etc-made the event much more enjoyable and kind of realistic in a sense.

The event really motivated me to move forward interms of service to do something I had a passion for-education. It made us all think if there was more we could do and I certainly now feel I have the potential to get more out of service activities than currently. I want to seek new opportunities and set up a new service project due to the realisation and confidence I gathered from the National Youth Conference-Thank Yoi Sai!

Ketan Parmar
Region 5 Youth & Sai Group of Bolton chair