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Region 2 - Easwaramma Celebrations & Re-Commencement of SSE Classes at Harrow East Sai Centre

With the divine blessing of our dearest Swami and on His auspicious 90th advent year, the Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Harrow East re-commences its SSE wing. Over six years ago the centre had to send its SSE children to other centres and close its classes due to restrictions imposed by the venue at the time. Whilst the centre continued with its remaining wings: Service, Spiritual and Youth, there was a small emptiness felt by the absence of the SSE wing for many years.

Having now relocated and settled into a new venue, the centre office bearers decided the time was right to re-establish the SSE wing. With the guidance and support from our Region 2 chair sister,Gayatri Bikoo and Region 2 SSE coordinator, sister Shyama Jeyaseelan, plans were made to re-establish SSE classes at the centre.

It was felt most appropriate to inaugurate the SSE Wing on the day when the centre would be holding the Easwaramma Celebrations on Sunday 10th May 2015. It just so happened that on the day itself, we had exactly 9 children starting. This was in no way planned as we have been accepting all applications for the past two months for the commencement of SSE classes. I recalled a large youth group interview I was once part of in a medical camp in Prasanthi. The doctors were presenting Swami with large figures of the number of operations they planned to do and I quite clearly remember Swami said to start with 9!

The ceremonies commenced with the new batch of SSE children themselves singing beautifully the bhajans that they had been practicing with our bhajan coordinator for the past few weeks. The vibrancy of the centre was changed and immediately felt by the presence of the young children once again at our centre. All dressed in white and with beaming smiles and joyful faces, the children brought their love and light that was felt by all.

The bhajans offerings were followed by a message on mother Easwaramma from one of the young SSE girls.

This was followedby our National SSE coordinator sister Thana Yogendran gave her key note speech in which she gave anecdotes which intrigued and engaged the children. We were also very grateful for the invaluable support and attendance of our Region 2 SSE coordinator sister Shyama Jeyaseelan who also gave her loving words of support and encouragement in her talk.

Our newly appointed centre SSE Coordinator, sister Pritiben Tailor, addressed the audience next on the importance and value of the SSE education.

The session was followed by Sister Thana presenting token gifts to the first batch of SSE children and group photo session.

My final remarks concluded the session reminding all that the children joining have the immense good fortune of being now in the fold of this organisation and to go through the SSE education will help restore Dharma in the world and in that process also help them find their own way back to God. As Swami says

Start Early, Drive Slowly and reach Safely!

Kiran Mistry
Centre Chair Sathya Sai Centre of Harrow East, Region 2