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UK Satsangs with Sri. Naganand from Prasanthi Nilayam

Sri S S Naganand is one of the nine trustees of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam, India. He also serves as a trustee on the Sri Sathya Sai Media Foundation and the Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust. By profession a renowned lawyer in the Supreme Court and various High Courts in India, Mr. Naganand and his family are longstanding and ardent devotees of Bhagawan Baba.

Mr.Naganand was recently in the UK on a personal visit, and during his short stay visited various Sai Centres in UK including Manor Park, Mill Hill, Foster Hill and Glasgow Sai Centres. He met and interacted with many devotees at these Centres. He also met with members of the UK Central Council and the Sathya Sai Charitable Trust UK. Acceeding kindly to the requests of devotees and office bearers, Mr. Naganand gave extempore talks at the Sai centres he visited, much to the delight and satisfaction of all devotees.

Below is the transcript of one such talk that he gave at Mill Hill Sai Centre on the morning of 24th May 2015. Please click here if you wish to watch the video of this talk.

Aum Sri Sai Ram. My humble and loving Pranams at the Divine Lotus feet of dear Swami. Respected elders, I see a number of young children, and brother and sisters of the Sai family.

Coming to a congregation of Sai devotees always fills one’s heart up with joy. I have always found that one could go to different places and experience different feelings but when you go to a Sai Satsang or a place where Baba’s Bhajans are sung; the atmosphere is full of divinity, inspired by Baba. One gets only one feeling, and that’s a feeling of joy, a feeling of elation, a feeling of great peace, we leave all worldly affairs out of our minds and the one hour or so that we spend here, cannot be described but can only be experienced, so I thank Swami for giving me this opportunity to come here this lovely Sunday morning to your meeting today to hear your melodious Bhajans. I must compliment the Bhajan singers, they were excellent. I am sure you all feel that the singing here is on par with Prashanti Nilayam, it really elevates our soul.

I am here on a short holiday with my family, my wife, my children, and my grandchildren all of them are here. I thought I would spend a Sunday morning with some Sai devotees, that’s the reason I called brother Narendra Reddy and he was kind enough to talk to brother Kiran and they spent yesterday with me at another Center and today I am here with you.

I am here to talk to you about the days after the Maha Samadhi and the days before the Maha Samadhi. I will convey two pieces of information to you and that is from my own experience that Swami believed in talking directly and Swami also believed in talking and conveying things without saying anything. Does it sound axiomatic or like an oxymoron? How does somebody talk without speaking? But that is really what happens in Swami's fold. I will give you two incidents and then you’ll probably get a feeling of what I am trying to say.

The first incident happened on the 52nd birthday of Bhagwan, on the 23rd of November 1978. I had finished College and started my education and Post-graduation in Law and was also doing my Chartered Accountancy. I took the first Chartered Accountancy exam that November. I finished my exams on the 15th of November and probably after that with my whole family, my father, my uncle, aunts, my brother, I think there were about fifteen of us in that group, all of us went to Prashanti Nilayam. Those days of course Sai Kulwant Hall was not there, it was only the Poornachandra Hall where Swami used to reside and give Darshan. Swami saw us and spotted the entire family there, and immediately after the morning Darshan he sent word that we should all go to his house, just behind the stage of Poornachandra Hall in Prashanti Nilayam. If you all remember just behind the stage, there was a small sitting room and at one level was Swami’s dining room and sitting room. I think it was the size of this hall, nothing more than that. The dining room was the size where those speakers are kept, that’s all the dining room was. That was Swami’s living space and the first floor was his place to rest and his bedroom. So he got us into this place and Swami blessed us and he was very happy that the whole family was there and he gave Saris to everybody.

He then looked at me and said, “What are you doing?”

I said, “Swami I’ve finished college and am doing my Chartered Accountancy and am also studying Law.”

Swami then said, “You are a student, you must be a vidhyarthi, don’t become a vishayarthi.”

This was the message directly conveyed to me. I don’t know why he said it and what he meant by it but anyway, it was a message that went straight to my heart. Those words were reverberating in my mind. I thought, why did Swami say this? Maybe he was trying to say to me that my vision is going away from my education and that I should bring it back and concentrate on education.

That was exactly what I did. I took the cue from Bhagwan’s guidance and I went through the exams. Among the batch of students who joined with me, I was the only guy who cleared both intermediate and final Chartered Accountancy in one shot and I got ranked in both exams. I took my Law exams the following year and came out with flying colors and got a 1st rank with 3 degrees and 3 gold medals and before I was 23, I had finished 3 professional degrees, I also did my Company Secretaryship. So what I am trying to say is that this was not possible but for Bhagwan’s guidance and his unseen hand that was there blessing us. So this is a form of direct communication. Swami always communicated; if he had to tell somebody something he would directly communicate it to him or her.

Swami also communicated indirectly and I will come to the second episode now. Years later, of course, Swami blessed us at our wedding and more than what any parent could do, he did for me. After the wedding, we used to go to Swami quite often. He saw my wife had a complication when my 1st daughter was born and she had to be on a catheter all the time for nearly three to four weeks, but she was very keen to see Bhagwan and she was insistent that she would come to Whitefield.

So my dad agreed, and he said, “We’ll make an effort, but how will you manage?”

She had to carry a bag and all sorts of problems, and the baby was very young and she insisted that she would like to see Swami and take his blessings. The child was only seven or eight days old, but we took her and went to Whitefield.

The minute Swami saw her, my wife went to touch his feet and Swami said, "No, no, no! Don’t do that, you are too weak."

He made her sit on a chair and he took the baby in his arms, he blessed the baby and gave something to the baby and something to the mother, and my wife started weeping.

She said, “Swami you have to take care of this girl. I don’t know how long I’ll live." She was very worried about her condition.

Swami said, “Don’t worry, you will live a long-time and I will also take care of the baby.”

Now this was when my first daughter was born. The first daughter grew up, she studied Law, she went to America, she did her Post-graduation in Law in Washington DC, and she came back to India and joined my profession. Shortly after that, just before she came back, every time I went to Puttaparthi Swami would see me and say, "What have you done?"

He meant that I must now start looking for an alliance for her, and that I couldn’t wait for anything. So I took his guidance and I said, “Swami I’ve located this boy, and I went and saw him and it didn’t go through.”

It went on like this, until finally I told Swami that I had located a boy who was from a lawyer family, who was also a lawyer and had studied in England and that I was thinking of pursuing it. The minute I told him this, he said, “Yes, yes, go to him.”

I knew the boy’s father, his grandfather, they were both lawyers like me, third generation lawyers and I had seen the boy in our Courts. The minute I told Swami, he said go ahead. The marriage took place, and Swami blessed us all and gave us too much of love. After that, six or eight months down the line, we all went for Darshan and Swami looked at my daughter and said, “Yenu samachara?” (In Kannada)

For those of you do not understand that, to a newly married girl, it is a question of whether you are in the family way. That’s how an elder usually asks a newly married girl. My daughter said, “no Swami, no Swami,” and so we went away.

A week later she went and got a pregnancy test done and it was proved that she was carrying a child. So even before the mother was sure of it, Swami was aware of it.

Then the child came, and once the child was born, Swami practically made the child, his child. Every time we took her to Puttaparthi, even as she was six to eight months old, she would come with us even if her mother was not there and every time she came, Swami made it a point to talk to her, to speak to her and give her vibuthi. When she grew up, he used stop his chair and call her and hold a packet of vibuthi in his hand, if my wife went to take it he would take his hand back, only when the child put her hand out, would he give it. He used to ask her to come and touch his feet and do Padanamaskar.

Now why I am saying this is that these are the direct interactions of Swami with different persons in the world and there is some reason for it. You know the other two grandchildren he did not spend time like that, but with this girl he did. There is something of significance to note here, because why are we all here? We are here because Swami wanted us to be here, because Swami thinks we deserve this blessing. Swami is of the view that we must all feel happy and we must all go in the right track and that’s the reason he made it possible for us to be here, that’s the reason he thought I should come here. But for that, it would never have happened.

Now life went on like this, and years later I told Swami that we wanted to go to Russia.

Swami said, “Oh Russia! A lot of my devotees are there, go visit them! A lot of very poor people.”

I said, “Yes Swami, I have heard a lot and I have met a few of them here at Prashanti Nilayam, but I am just going to go for a short visit.”

He said, "Yes, yes, you go and see my Center there."

I said I would go, but language was a problem there. I happened to get the number of a lady who came to Prashanti Nilayam quite often. They are two sisters, one of whom we knew. I took the phone number and we went. The day we were leaving, I took Swami’s leave in the morning because Swami was then in Whitfield and I said, “Swami, I am now going to the airport.” He bid me goodbye and I got into the car. My car was just driving out of the Ashram, and the Sevadal stopped me and said, "Sir, there is something I have to place in your car".

I said, “You are making a mistake, as I am not expecting anyone to give me anything.”

He said, "No sir, this is definitely for you. Swami has sent instructions. It has come from Trayee Brindavan."

I was surprised, as half an hour earlier, we were all with Bhagwan. He gave us three gold chains, he materialized three chains for my three daughters, each one of a different size, and he made my wife put it on them in his presence and he bade us goodbye and so I was really not expecting anything. Anyway, the Sevadal insisted and I agreed to keep it. He brought a big box about the size of the box right there and placed it in my car. I asked him what was in it, and he replied that he didn’t know, but was just asked to keep it.

Perplexed, I left the ashram, crossed the railway crossing and was so curious I could not wait till I reached home. As I was driving home and from there to the airport I thought, I must see what’s in it. I opened the box and found it full of prasadam, sweets! I was very intrigued and I thought to myself, Swami knows that we are not here for a month and there is no one here at home, all of us are going and what am I going to do with this box of sweet? Anyway I left it in the car and while driving I thought to myself, Maybe I need to take this to Russia.

So I told my wife, “I think we need to go back and pull down one suitcase and put all these sweets in it. We will take it, let’s see what happens.”

So we took another suitcase, packed all these sweets, checked it in, went to Moscow our first stop and checked into the hotel and ran into big, big problem. I didn’t realize language was going to be such a problem. Even though I had a language book, I just could not manage. So I telephoned the number of the Sai devotee lady that I had and every time I called, somebody would pick up and speak in Russian and there was no way I could communicate with her or she could communicate with me. I kept on trying hoping that someone with some English knowledge would pick up but that never happened. It went on like this and finally we were on a river cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg. On the sixth and last day of the cruise, there was an interpreter, a lady, who was a guide and suddenly it occurred to me that I should speak through her. So when we stopped in St Petersburg I asked her; actually I got off the ship, it was not a very big ship and I don’t think it had Wi-Fi and all that those days, but anyway I got out and I searched for a telephone booth and found phone booth, and called the number again and the same thing happened, somebody in Russian could not say anything so I got back very dejected; then I said to her, “I really need to speak to somebody, can you help me?”

She said, “Certainly, I can.”

So she came with me off the ship and we went to that place and made a telephone call from there. She spoke to the lady and then someone who spoke English came on the phone and then I finally had a chat and I said that we were going to be there for a few days, and asked whether there was somewhere we could visit and she said that there was.

She asked where we were staying and she said, “We were going to come take you to our Center but our Center only meets on Sundays, but you are not here till Sunday, so what I suggest we do is that we’ll take you to a house where we have a small altar of Swami and we’ll sing some Bhajans. Please come to our house. I’ll send someone to take you.”

So she took some details and it occurred to me that, what was I going to do with those sweets? I should take those sweets to the Center! So all those sweets were packed up and about half of them I picked up and put in a bag and we went to their house. Inside their house there was a beautiful altar right in front and I told her that I had brought some Prasadam from Prashanti Nilayam. The three or four of them there all started looking at each other’s faces with a nice broad smile. I asked them what had happened and they told me that they knew that I was going to come with the prasadam.

Perplexed, I said, “How did you know? Even twenty four hours ago I did not know who you were and had no means of contacting you.”

She responded to say they were pretty sure, because their group had decided to go to an orphanage and on that very day, which was a Thursday, they had decided to start collecting donations from people for various things, like clothes and things like that, food, etc. and collectively go the following Sunday to an orphanage. I then told her that Swami had never even told me that these sweets had to be brought here and given to her but somehow that is what I did and therefore I was there.

She replied, “No, no. We were sure, because when we started our sankalpam, we prayed to Bhagwan that Swami must send prasadam and he has sent the prasadam!”

Now you see, this is another form of communication. Swami communicated something without telling me anything, it was easiest for Swami to have told me when he blessed us and gave us all this prasadam. He could have said, “You are going to Russia and I am going to send you something and go and give it to such and such a person. I am going to send a message to that person.”

Nothing was told to me, everything was perceived in my mind. Obviously, “dhiyo yonaha pracho dayat.” Without his prachodhana nothing can come into our head. This is the prachodhana that Swami does. So what I am trying to say is that Swami’s mode of communication is direct and always very clear and precise. Now this is not only my experience, I am sure you have heard about the experiences of millions of people all over the world.

I have been to most parts of the world and everywhere I have gone I have heard people say; this is what happened; this is how Swami sent his blessings; this is how Swami sent a message for us and this is how we all experience divinity and the most mundane things are the things which Swami helps you out with.

While driving in the car, our brother was talking to me about how Swami touches everybody and how Swami touched him as a young boy. He was in school and his school master gave him a set of his car keys to keep them and he was holding on to the keys and during the football match the ball went into the bush, so he went to search for it. In the process he found that he did not have the key and he was terrified that he had lost his teacher’s key. Then quietly, in his young child’s mind, he said, “God, Swami you must save me, you must find that key bunch for me.” In a few minutes, low and behold, when he went to the bush and came out again, the key bunch was right in front of him and he found it and took it.

Now these are the things that Swami does directly, so what I am trying to say and this is important for us to know is that our connection with Bhagwan is a direct connection. All of us feel it. You know whenever I have had any problem, Swami was there physically. I had the great good fortune of being able to go to Bhagwan sit with him, raise issues. Sometimes you might have to wait, but most of the time he never made us wait. He came out, discussed things and people thought it was all doing Swami’s Trust business, but most of the time Swami’s Trust business was for two minutes, and family business was for fifty-eight minutes out of sixty minutes. He would not even allow us to raise those issues, as whenever family was there, he would just talk about everything, inquire about everyone and look after everyone’s welfare and he would talk about people all over the world in the same manner. Everybody felt a one to one connection with Bhagwan. So why should we not continue that one to one relationship is a question that we should now think about because the Maha Samadhi has brought about a great deal of turmoil in our lives.

You know friends, we have a limited capacity. We don’t understand, we cannot understand Swami as a phenomenon. We cannot believe. Even now, you know, every time I go and sit inside Prashanti Nilayam, in fact the place where I sit, when I look towards Swami’s house, there is a gate where Swami used to walk in, and just above that, if some of you have noticed, there is now a big picture of Swami. I asked them to put that picture there because for me when I sat there every time, my eyes would go there and it was empty; in a sense for me it felt, “Oh God! I am not going to see you walking down”
I couldn’t stand it. So I talked to our other Trustees and asked if it ok to put Swamis picture just above that gate, so that when our eyes go there we can see the beautiful form of Swami there. Everybody said it was a lovely idea and they put that picture just above the gate if you’ve noticed it. So what I am saying is that our minds of limited capacity are concentrating on the physical form but Swami has said in his lifetime “You cannot comprehend me. You cannot understand me. You cannot know who I am.”

In no uncertain terms, he has said that he is divinity; he has said so in so many ways and demonstrated in so many ways. It is now time for us to graduate. It is like all of us have taken the school graduation exams and the results have come and all of us have passed with flying colors. We need to now go to College, if you are not going to college you are still going to be in School waiting for the school master in the good old days holding a cane in his hand trying to tell you, discipline you and everything else. Now that age is over. You have gone to College now and in College your Professors are not going to have a cane in their hand. They are not going to write anything on the blackboard. They are going to tell you that you are on your own. You need to set a goal, you need to have an agenda, you need to have a clear cut vision about the path you are going to take and where you are going to reach and what is your destination, and once you have that somebody is going to guide you and hold your hand. It could be somebody physically, but Swami will hold your hand.

Just before Swami’s Maha Samadhi, he expanded the Central Trust. Swami was looking after the Trust single handedly from the time it was formed in 1973 until 2010, he was the sole Trustee. There was nothing that happened in the Central Trust in this period, which was not done directly by Bhagwan. Nothing! Not even 1 Rupee was spent without Bhagwan’s signature. Of course, it was very well organized and Bhagwan didn’t have to spend too much time, he would spend about 15-20 minutes on one day in a month on these affairs. That is all the time he spent on these affairs, not more than that. But we Trustees now, we are in meetings for two full days and we are not able to finish the agenda because there are so many things that we have to do, so many issues that have to be discussed, so many items that we have to look into, so many conflicting claims that you know are being made; how do we deal with these issues? These are all the things we are talking about now. So what I am saying, is that Swami did all this alone, single handedly, till in 2010 he expanded the Trust and he inducted few Trustees and also appointed the Council of Management. After the Maha Samadhi, the Council of Management has disbanded and we now have a Board of Trustees of nine people. Now all these nine people, I am sure most of you have heard their names, who they are, where they are from, and how long they have been associated with Swami, it was a difficult task for us, but by Swami’s grace everything is fine. Swami had foresight at a spiritual level, at a divine level and at a human level. Now at a human level when he sets up two super speciality hospitals, two general hospitals, one mobile hospital, one University with two to three campuses and the fourth campus he had announced, all this, it means that a lot of resources have to be given to these things. How did Swami do all these things? Swami did not create wealth in that form and use it for all these purposes. He enthused people by his message. He said, “You have to serve all. You have to help everybody. You should never hurt anybody.”

How do you serve all? Now just after I came here, I received a clip from Dr Oleti Choudary who is the director of the Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital at Prashanti Nilayam. We made a voluntary application to the National Board for Accreditation of Hospital Standards to them to get ourselves certified for NABH. The team came to inspect the hospital and they spent about five days of inspection. At the end of it, they made a presentation to the Institution. I am told that is the practice. The head of that assessing team and the second deputy head are both expected to speak and explain to the Hospital what they learnt from their inspection. I just saw the clip that Dr. Choudary has sent to me, you know it must be seen to be believed. Two doctors who had nothing to do with Bhagwan, had heard of Bhagwan but they didn’t know his hospitals, they didn’t know what work the hospitals were doing, they could not believe what they had seen. In fact, the Deputy head of the team, a lady from Delhi, I think Dr Kawaljeet Kohli or so said, "I never even thought it was true, now how can you have a Super Speciality Hospital and so many faculties which is totally free? I was shocked when they told me there is no billing department here; nobody pays anything, and then I thought, it must be some ramshackle small hospital where you do some first-aid and things like that, but when I came there and saw the hospital, it is not possible for me to conceive that this magnificent Institution has been built by Swami where there is no cash, there is no Bank, there is no money transaction involved and everything is done in terms of love. How is it possible that so many people are treated with so much of love and care and concern when they have no connection with that person? You see most of the patients who come there are poor patients. How are those poor patients treated with compassion and love? I am not able to comprehend and the only explanation I can give, is that there is a divine hand which is dealing with this.”

Now the divine hand has done what the divine hand could do at a divine level. You see the divine interaction of Bhagwan in the connection with Sevadal. You see how many Sevadal come from a very poor strata of society. For people in that strata, if they have to give up a job, or lose 10 days wages and come to do Seva it is a great sacrifice. If they have to travel, you know in India they travel from 2000 miles to 3000 miles, all the way from Assam, Nagaland wherever they are, West Bengal anywhere, they come to do Seva here. Now how is it that that happens? What is it that is drawing them? It is Swami's divine hand that is drawing them. They feel that if they come here and do their little bit, it is something that uplifts them. This happens at the lowest level and at the highest level. I’ll give you an example. There is a gentleman that is a very famous lawyer in Bangalore. He comes from a family of devotees. Swami used to know them and go to their house in the early 50’s and after that, there was some small disconnect and the children didn’t keep that connection, but now the son is a very famous lawyer and every time he hears that I am going to Puttaparthi, he comes and tells me, “Naganand just give me one file which you are carrying for Bhagwan. I want to be your assistant and stand next to you and hold it. It is a great privilege for us to do something for Bhagwan's mission, whether it is a small thing or whether it is big thing.”

I still remember Sri Gopala Rao Garu at the age of 98 years. He was the Chairman of India’s biggest bank. He held important positions everywhere. Swami celebrated his 100th birthday here in Prashanti Nilayam. At the age of 98, the man was living alone, his sons were well settled, some were in America and some were in India. He lived alone there and he had a hunch back, he used to come to the South Indian canteen and take a water can and pour water in each of the cups of those sitting there and collect the lunch coupon from them and go and give it for cancellation. At the age of 98 I have seen him, he was my great-grandfather’s contemporary. They lived in about the same area in Bangalore in Gandhinagar; he knew my great grandfather that was his age and the man worked like that. So why did he do that? He could have lived a very comfortable life. He had children everywhere. But he said, “No, I have come here, Swami has brought me here because I have to do some Seva.”

Let us all ask ourselves, we are getting so much from Bhagwan, what an amount of peace, what an amount of contentment, what an amount of, what shall I say, satisfaction we get in our own family lives when we come close to Bhagwan. What is it that we are doing in return, to give back to Swami? See Swami does not want anything from us, he does not expect anything from us, he has repeatedly said, “I don’t want anything from you, I only want your devotion.”

How many show their devotion?

I was just reading the nine-point path you have displayed in the Mandir. If one just follows the nine-point path, we will go somewhere. It says to help, what kind of help will you give? If you are a rich man, you can give money. If you are not so rich, you can give your time. If you are intelligent, you can give your intelligence. If you are an educator, you can give your skills of education. If you are in research, you can share your learning.

For your information we are about to set up a very important Research Center in Prashanti Nilayam. The Sathya Sai Archives is nearly ready. All the material that Swami has generated, his speeches, his talks, his writings, the videos, photographs, all of them, are now slowly being collected from all over the world. Some of them we’ve found in America. You know in the early 70’s very few people shot films and some of those films in America have been brought to us now, they have all been archived. In the archive, we are about to build a scholars group to do research into what Swami has given the world. I don’t know how many of you know all the Vahinis that have been published. They are all written by Swami in his own handwriting in Telugu. It is not somebody else’s script even. He actually took a paper and a pen and wrote it, and we have those transcripts with us, those Vahinis were translated by Kasturiji. You know if you’ve read them that they are like tiny capsules. It’s like a power pack Vitamins that we now get for "+50 +60 -50!" It’s something which you have one tablet for every category of patients. Every category of a person wants vitamins, if you want to learn about love you can read Prema Vahini, if you are interested in philosophy you can read Sukta Vahini, just like this, for everything there is a different capsule. So my suggestion to the spiritual wing, please start by taking the Vahinis and study them carefully. You must analyze them, from which you will profit greatly. I find in my day to day life sometimes, you might be surprised that in the course of arguments in a Case if I am citing a case law, I suddenly find something useful in the Vahinis, and I actually quote from it! I tell the Court look here, this seems to be of a concept of right and wrong and this is what I have found, and if you permit me, I will cite it. I have actually read many of them in court.

So what I am trying to say is that these are absolute gems and we need to pay attention to that. Pertaining to the Research Center that I was telling you about, what has happened is that Swami’s messages are so diverse and dispersed that we need to bring everything together in a coherent form for modern usage, and that’s exactly the idea of this research. It is going to be a very deep research into what Swami has left so that we can come together and make modern presentations both at a scholastic level and also at a mundane usual day to day useful level, so this is another important project we have been looking at.

Post Maha Samadhi the boat has rocked on many counts and all of you are aware that whatever negative publicity has appeared after it has all sort of died down now. The government of Andhra Pradesh asked for some information about the Trust and we gave them a truckload of information. They asked for more, we gave them more.

Finally they said, “You guys are dumping all your paper into our office, you are not giving us what we want.”

We said, “Whatever you want has been given and everything is here, if you want us to help you with it, we are there to help you.”

Not a single question came back from them, to say what was not done properly, or why that was not done properly, or what was wrong or correct, or not right. Not even one. Four years down the line the Andhra government is completely satisfied that there is nothing. They can’t find anything because in Swami’s organization and Trust there was nothing that was out of the ordinary, everything was blessed by Bhagwan himself.

Now post the Maha Samadhi, Trustees have done their best endeavor. We have not sold even one pin after Swami’s Maha Samadhi. No property of the Trust has been sold till now, not even one. There are so many properties that Swami had, so many donors have given, in different parts of the world, not even one has the Central Trust sold, so the question of somebody selling something just doesn’t arise. The finances of the Trust have been consolidated and we have started a system of transparency. Every year on Swami’s birthday we release the balance sheet, an annual report which contains all the information of all the Sai organizations, national, international, and the brother and sister Trusts that we have. There are many other Institutions that we have, the Sathya Sai Easwarama Women’s Welfare Trust, is one such, my wife is a Trustee on that. There are two other Trustees on that as well. The activities they do, their finances, the number of Institutions there are, complete reports are being put out on the Internet. It is all there on the Central Trust’s website. Hard copies are also being given out to everybody who wants to see. What I am saying, is that there cannot be an Institution that has more transparency that this. The Trustees are fully conscious of their obligations and responsibilities, and we are trying to the best of our abilities.

I will conclude by referring to one last aberration that seems to be sweeping through different parts of the world. The phenomenal that they are talking about. Now I think we need to understand the reason I started with my talk with two types of communication which are; one, direct communication, Bhagwan gave; to me and other people and the other being communication without words, which is what happened when I went to Russia; where Swami never ever used a middle person or an intermediary to convey. That facility should be available to every devotee, actually it is, all that you have to do is sit down, close your eyes, dial the number, connect up with him, it may ring for some time, he may be busy, he may not be picking up the call but you need to hold the call, you’ll get that message, “please wait you are in the queue”, so you may be in the queue, so long as you have patience, so long as you have perseverance, so long as you have devotion, so long as you have your confidence that Swami is going to listen to you, I can assure you, He will. I can go on talking for another two hours about my personal experiences; but remember that in times of need, Swami is always there to answer you.

You know, we, felt really orphaned at the time when Swami left us because there were so many things that we were talking to him about and the minute you place something before him in a minute he would say, “Bangaru you do this,” or, “Don’t do this,” or, “Consult someone for this,” or, “Let us do this.”

Straight instructions were always given. Sometimes he would say to wait, which meant that it was not the right time and to defer it. None of these things could we get instructions on now, after the Maha Samadhi. How were we to manage it? But four years down the line I can assure you, we have never had a problem, we are never in doubt, whenever we needed Swami’s guidance, he is always available.

The last thing that I would like to ask is that if somebody were not being truthful, would you say that he is following Swami’s path? If somebody claims to be Swami’s intermediary and that person is not speaking the truth, and is backed by people whose foundation is false and based on untruth? Did you know that the Loka Seva Trust illegally amended a Trust Deed and took away the power to appoint Trustees in the Loka Seva Trust from the Central Trust without my consent even though I am a Trustee there? They deleted that Clause and got a document made saying that the power to amend was no longer in the Central Trust.” Why would they do that? How many of you know who paid for the Sathya Sai Anandam building, which was built as chancellor's residence, as they now call it? We never christened it like that. Do you know who paid for that building? Did anybody from Muddenahalli pay for it? Who designed it? Who laid the foundation stone for it? (A young child in the audience lifted his hand up and said-“Baba”)

Yes? Baba, how right you are, fantastic answer, I think he is reading my mind. Actually that’s what happened. Baba selected the spot; Baba went there and laid the foundation stone for the building. Baba planned the whole building, I was involved in it, every single detail of it he talked to late Sri Ramakrishna garu of Larsen and Toubro. The building was built in that manner but Swami was not there to grace the inauguration. It is located in the precincts of Muddenahalli Campus. The reason why that building was built, is as you may know, Swami announced that as the new campus of the Sathya Sai University which was to be setup in Muddenahalli, on that campus, and the building that was built there for students is exactly next to that. So Swami wanted a residence for himself to spend time with the students at Muddenahalli. Now they say the building doesn’t belong to Central Trust it belongs to “us”. Who is “us”? The “us” is that Trust. Swami setup that Trust in 1978 and my father was the person who drafted the Trust Deed in 1978 for the Loka Seva Trust. In 2008, 30 years later Swami amended the Trust Deed and gave me the Power-of-Attorney to go and register the document after signing it. I went and registered the document and the document said after Bhagwan, the Trustees of the Trust will be appointed by the Sathya Sai Central Trust. Now who changed it? How did they change it? Why did they change it? And now they are talking about great good things they are doing about building schools here and collecting money for it. In my 40 years or 50 years of experience with Swami, not even once have I even heard anybody saying Swami asked him for money. I know people who waited in a queue for years to give money and Bhagwan said “no, you keep it”, and he never received it. He never went to anybody for money. If somebody comes and says, “Swami telephoned yesterday and I have come to your house as Swami said, ‘Go to his house, he is going to give his house to you, please take it, and ask him to go and live somewhere else.’”

If this is the message Swami has sent through him to somebody and that person comes to your house and says, “Sir, Swami has sent this message so kindly obey Swami’s message.”

What will you do? It is a question which we need to ask ourselves, it has happened in this Country, they have come to people and said that Swami sent a message that they need to give so much money for such and such Trust and so and so persons have given it, millions of rupees, the equivalent in Pounds of course. Swami never asked anyone for money. It is said the money is for good work, going for free schools and all that. Why should the Sathya Sai Central Trust not build free schools? If you want to give money to start a free school the Sathya Sai Central Trust has already got so many free schools that are running, why should the Sathya Sai Central Trust not do it? More than anything else, this other Trust, which they have set up, has nothing to do with any one of us. None of the Central Trust people are there, we don’t know what is happening, the proposal to start schools was never placed before the Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust of which I am a Trustee, and it was never placed before us, so the conclusion is that somebody individually wants to do all sorts of things. They say Swami is in subtle body, if you need a subtle body Jaguar, do you need a brand new Mercedes Benz for a subtle body? You don’t need it but they have it. Why? These are questions, which somebody has to answer, and they are not answering them and now finally, the Central Trust has filed a lawsuit against them, which is going to take its own course.

So I just conclude by saying that we should not get distracted by these kinds of activities. There are good people, there are bad people and Swami always said, “If you meet a bad person, you tell him Sai Ram and leave his company quickly.”

This is Swami’s advice. If you get a feeling that somebody is not a good person, all you need to do is say Sai Ram brother, Sai Ram sister and turn away and go. And where should you go? To where you have good people. You should go to that place where your mind is at peace. We should come to Swami. Swami is the ultimate master for everything, he is the one that guides us everywhere, so I think let’s confine it that way and pray to Bhagwan to help us, to guide us to overcome all these trials and tribulations.

Swami always used to say problems are , “Passing clouds, passing clouds;” meaning that these problems keep coming and going just like how clouds pass over us.

So I think let’s leave it as it is and bask in the glory of our Lord and in the beautiful message that he has given us. Please come to Prashanti Nilayam that is his place that is your place. I will conclude with this, as I think I am running out of time. We were at Prashanti Nilayam one day and suddenly at around 11 o’clock, I got a message, no actually I was with Swami at that time and he was about to sit down for lunch and he said, “Where is your wife?”

I looked perplexed and did not answer and he said, “Oh, she didn’t know, go get her,” and he sent Satyajit to go bring her in Bhagwan's car.

She was in Shanti Bhavan and Satyajit went to bring her and meanwhile Swami was already seated at the table with his food on his plate. Satyajit reached and told her, “Madam, Swami is waiting for you for lunch.”

She was wearing a salwar kameez and sitting in the room, and she said, “What? He is already at the table? I have to change! No, no. I can’t keep Swami waiting!"

She did not change and she came in her Salwar Kameez. The minute she entered Swami looked at her and gave her a broad smile and said, “This is your house, so you have come in the right dress.”

So you see, he knew that she was embarrassed that she was not wearing a proper Sari and proper attire, but the minute he saw her, he said, "This is your house. How you are in your house, you can be in my house."

What I am trying to say is that this is Swami’s house, let’s all feel that this is Swami’s house, we are going to be with Swami, we are going to work and stay with our parents, with people who love us and there is nobody else that can love us more than God.

Thank you, thank you very much.