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Sai Prema: The Love of Sai for Nepal

Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts from UK

The massive earthquakes that struck Nepal on the 25th April and again on the 12th May 2015 have caused great destruction, with over 8800 people reported dead and thousands rendered homeless and destitute. Even as various international governments and agencies responded promptly with overwhelming material support, Sai devotees all over the world responded spontaneously with heartfelt prayers and love in a spirit of universal kinship. With in a few days, the Sathya Sai Organisation in Nepal, with support from the Indian and International Sai Organisations, rallied together and launched a huge relief effort, and distributed food, tents for temporary shelter, clothing and medicines. Above all, with immense faith and divine love in their hearts, they provided the greatly needed spiritual succour to the deeply afflicted brothers and sisters in this tragedy.

In the UK, the Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation and the Sathya Sai Charitable Trust have taken the sacred responsibility of coordinating efforts, under the leadership and guidance of the Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO). Various Prayers meetings have been held in the UK to date (Please read below), to channel our collective outpouring of love and solidarity for all who are suffering in Nepal.

Many devotees in UK have also sent in their voluntary donations to the Sathya Sai Charitable Trust UK. The response has been overwhelming in this aspect too. The Trust has received a sum of £47,000 approximately in a short period from devotees, and after including the gift aid as well as a contribution from its general funds, a total sum of £65000 has been transferred to the Sathya Sai World Foundation, which is coordinating the ongoing international relief and rehabilitation work in Nepal. (Please click links below for relevant updates)

Let us all pray to our dearest Bhagawan to continue to shower His Compassion and Grace on all the suffering people in Nepal. Let us continue to join our hearts and hands together in giving strength and confidence to our brothers and sisters in Nepal, in their courageous efforts to rebuild their lives.

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu- May all the worlds be happy.

Compiled by Sai Emergency Relief Volunteers (SERV), Service Wing, SSSSO UK

1st ‘Sai Prema’ Prayer Meeting for Nepal; Tooting, London- by Ms. Priya Kotecha

2nd ‘Sai Prema’ Prayer Meeting for Nepal; Watford, London- by Mrs. Gayatri Bikoo

3rd ‘Sai Prema’ Prayer Meeting for Nepal; Bedford, London- by Ms. Dipika Mistry