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Region 5 - Maa Easwaramma Day

On a sun filled day, a spark of excitement grew inside my body as I remembered I was going to perform in front of a supporting and interacting crowd on Maa Easwaramma Day. Even though it was a long journey from Leeds to London, I was so happy that I got the chance to perform with two other talented girls Prakruthi and Sreenidhi. We had lots of fun looking at the exhibition and making place mats.

It was an amazing opportunity to be asked to dance in London for a National programme. I loved performing on Maa Easwaramma Day and giving my offerings to Sai Baba. The hall was spacious and beautifully decorated. All the children around the UK performed really well and I loved how they interacted with the audience of all ages. I learnt so many fascinating facts from the speeches and I thoroughly enjoyed the bhajans sung by all the children and adults. Making place mats was a great idea (to go along with the food) as all of them were going to be passed out to people who canít afford much. In future if there are anymore National programmes, I would love to come and enjoy the auspicious day with everyone else.

SSE Group 3