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Dear Readers! It is well known that the Infinite Majesty and Glory of the Lord cannot be captured in full measure by the human mind. However, the sweetness of His Glory can be instantly enjoyed by recounting the experiences of devotees who have contacted God, have been blessed by His Grace and chosen as His Instruments. Bhagawan Baba also says that such an exercise fosters a taste for Godward thoughts in us, and thus brings us ‘nearer ‘ and makes us ‘dearer’ to God. This Special Feature contains articles written by ardent devotees of Bhagawan describing their Experiences with Divinity, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, especially narrating ‘how’ they first came to Him! Rather more aptly, how they received His Divine Intimation! His Divine Call! We pray to our beloved Bhagawan Baba to keep us strongly connected with Him always.
Love & Light Team

The following is a transcript of the talk given by Dr Kishan Gadhia at the Gratitude Day – Sai Vandanam on 18th October 2015 in Leicester where he was felicitated with another 89 elderly devotees for the selfless service they had offered to Bhagawan Baba’s Divine Mission. The event was conducted by the Sathya Sai Organisation (UK) inspired by Baba when He conducted the Bheema, Ratha Shanthi ceremony in Prasanthi Nilayam. It was with great sadness that we heard that Dr Kishan Gadhia passed away on 19th December 2015 after a brief illness.

Dr Kishan Gadhia Addressing Devotees at the Gratitude Day – Sai Vandanam in Leicester

Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters

It is nice to see everyone on this auspicious day.
I was born and brought up in East Africa. My brother, Dr Dhirubhai Gadhia, brought news when I was in Kampala, Uganda that the Lord was walking on Earth and is in Puttaparthi. He was the incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba. He introduced and opened a centre in Kampala. I was young at that time and could not believe how God can be there. I thought He may be some priest, sadhu or something. I believed God to be Shiva, Rama or Krishna. I wanted to go to India to do medicine. My mother placed a photograph of Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba in my suitcase and advised me to pray to Him. I said to my mother that I would do that and she should not worry. I secured admission in a medical college in Jamnagar, Gujarat in India.

My brother completed his studies in Mangalore, India. Mangalore is close to Puttaparthi, so he came to know about Swami in early days. After completing his education, he went to Swami and indicated that he wanted to go to London for his post-graduation in tropical health sciences. So he arrived in London and he went to the university and he queried if they had received his correspondence. They responded that they hadn’t received his correspondence and therefore they were unable to give him a seat. He tried his best but did not have any joy. Swami came in his dream when he was sleeping. Swami instructed him to go to Liverpool. When he woke up, he wrote down the details so as not to forget and took the train from St Pancras for Liverpool. He reached Liverpool in the evening. When he went to the medical school, they disclosed that he was lucky since there was a cancellation and a seat was going vacant. There were people on the waiting list but they were not from nearby. They advised him to go and pay his fees. That is how the Lord gave my brother Dhirubhai a seat in Liverpool!

After completing his Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Dhirubhai came to Swami again. Swami asked him to go to Jamnagar. Dhirubhai sent me a telegram saying that he was coming to Jamnagar. I received him on arrival. He came to my room and said, "Kishan, where are Swami’s photographs?” I said “In the suitcase.” He said, “Bring them out.” So I brought both the photographs out and he said, “There are many stories of the Lord with many miracles.” I accepted what he said. We then went to the town. In the town he purchased one small silver box and he said to me, “I have brought Swami’s vibhuti for you which I will give you.” When I opened the newly purchased box, there was already vibhuti inside! I said to my brother, “This goldsmith must also be Baba’s devotee, seeing you, he must have given me vibhuti as well.” He responded, “But I have come down only today”. I replied “You are a popular guy, well I don’t know!” Next day I enquired at the goldsmith and he retorted “This is made for snuff in Gujarat, we don’t know what is vibhuti!” My brother asked me to go to Sai Baba Himself and to ask him. I accepted his suggestion.

So that was how I made my first visit to Puttaparthi. With me, there were another six medical students who were inquisitive after hearing the story of my brother. We found Puttaparthi very peaceful, very nice but there was no electricity! We asked Kasturiji, “Where can we stay?” He indicated, “Anywhere you like!” So we selected a place to stay and sleep underneath one of the trees. We felt so much at peace here. Next day Swami called Kasturiji and instructed, “Call those medical students.” So we had the opportunity to interact with Swami in his interview room.

Brothers and Sisters, the divinity of the Lord is overwhelming, it makes you forget everything, even if you want to ask anything. Swami materialised vibhuti and was saying “from Kampala Gadhia is here, from Nairobi Secha is here, from Darussalam Sapatani is here, from Kashmir Bourza is there.” We were shocked to find Swami knew our names! He started giving vibhuti. Except me, He gave vibhuti to everyone! I said to Swami that I have not received the vibhuti. To this, He responded, “I already gave you in the box!” I wanted to confirm that, and he confirmed it! I said to Swami, “this is a fresh one, please give me.” So he gave me vibhuti . He took me inside, behind the curtain in privacy, and he asked me , “Any more doubts?” I said “No”. He questioned me, “Do you know the degrees of the Lord?” I said “I don’t know.” He responded, “Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence. What is happening in third world countries or what is happening there in Kampala I can tell you now.” He then said to me, “Your mother is not well. Today she is admitted in the hospital in Kampala with a heart attack.” This sent shivers in me. I said, “Swami, last week she was ok.” Swami responded, “I am talking of today. She is there in the hospital. She is my devotee. Tell her not to worry.” He then gave me three packets of vibhuti and asked me to send those to her and to tell her not to worry.

Swami asked all of us to return back to Jamnagar, and to come back next time with the beddings. He added that He would teach us bhajans. On my way, I rang my father from Mumbai, and he confirmed that my mother was not well. He asked me how did I know to which I said it was “Sai Baba” who had told me. I also advised that she should not worry and that I was sending vibhuti given by Baba especially for mother. So this was my first experience of a miracle.

One of my colleagues, Dr Shah was deaf in one ear. In those days, the middle ear operation was very difficult to do. You had no choice but to wear a hearing aid. When we went to Swami, He said to him, “I know you believe in Jainism, I know Mahavir.” He then pulled out his hearing aid and touched it. To his surprise his hearing got completely corrected and became normal. He realised that the Lord was here.

I was in Puttaparthi on 10th February 2005. I was asked by Swami to stay there to eradicate mosquitoes around Puttaparthi. In the surrounding areas of Puttaparthi, we had chikungunya virus infection caused by a strain of infected mosquitoes which migrated from Africa. Who knows why they came to see Swami? But the thing is that the infection brought us misery. While I was in the General Hospital, we saw many patients infected by chikungunya virus and high temperature of 104°F. No medication could treat this. We then approached Swami and prayed how we could eradicate it. “These mosquitoes are dangerous,” Swami said, “Do one thing, check Google first.” Google? Swami knows Google as well? I was stunned! Swami guided further,“Go and look, the mosquito medicine is there inside.” We found that paraffin goes with kerosene. So I bought paraffin and kerosene and I employed two people and hired a van. Swami had given me fifteen villages around Puttaparthi and He told me to start doing the work of spraying immediately. When we were about to commence, Swami told us, “Come back, I don’t want this medicine.” I said “Swami, what shall I bring? I am a doctor of human beings, not of mosquito”. He said, “You bring a water soluble which is not dangerous with the people.” So again I went back to my search in Google.” The search revealed to me biomedicines called Fitex and Bitex. I showed this to Swami and He gave the go ahead. 1.5 mL in 1 L of water was used to spray everywhere and the mosquitoes were eradicated completely.

Coming back to Gratitude Day, Swami had said to me in Prasanthi Nilayam that we were going to do Bheema Ratha Shanthi. I explained to Swami that I have to get back to London for my son’s wedding which is planned for 18th February 2005; and we were going to Dubai for the daughter-in-law. Swami advised me to go after Bheema Ratha Shanthi ceremony. I informed Swami that my wife was worried back in London to which He lovingly responded not to worry and that He will look after her.

My reflections of Bheema Ratha Shanthi; Swami had chosen 250 couples who were seated in Sai Kulwant Hall. Swami was giving them mangalasutra. People were eager to touch Swami’s feet and crying out of emotion, in the process some mangalasutra were falling down and volunteers helping to give it back. I saw this sacred bond of Love. Pure unsullied Love! Swami gave so many gifts such as watches, bangles and many others. That was His Love, Love and Love. After this unique ceremony, I made preparations to leave. Swami said to me, “No, don’t go to London, go to Dubai directly to the wedding. Tell your wife to bring your suit and other items from London.” That was His Love and compassion!

I will share one small incident and close my talk. Worth listening! In 2006, one of the elderly gentleman from Manchester was sitting next to me in the veranda. His daughter-in-law was pregnant in London. She was diagnosed as having Down Syndrome child. The family was very concerned. The hospital advised her that they could do a miscarriage now in early pregnancy. Once the foetus was advanced, they wouldn’t do it and she will have to go ahead with the child. She rang her in-laws sitting there in Puttaparthi and explained the dilemma. The in-laws wrote a small chit for Swami. Swami used to come in a car with the Vice Chancellor in 2004 and 2005. Swami got down in front of us. Like Krishna, He does playful acts and ignored us! This continued for a couple of days. In the meantime, the UK devotee approached me for my view and I had to say to him that being a doctor, I would give your daughter in law the same advise. I asked him to wait for the divine doctor, our Lord.

Then in the afternoon, Swami asked for the chit to be brought to Him. Swami called him and commanded, “No miscarriage. I am giving you another child.” The UK devotee asked Swami if he should call the daughter-in-law here? Swami replied, “Not necessary, I am going to London. I am going to give you a daughter. Her name will be Achintya. Once she is one year old, bring her here, I will bless them.” This happened in front of my very eyes. Within eight months she delivered a beautiful baby. There was a conference meeting there in Manchester, the gynaecology and another 17 doctors gathered together. Doctors couldn’t understand and were puzzled “where is the Down Syndrome child? All the time we were observing you with sonography and there was a Down Syndrome child!” They called the midwife and the doctors were querying on the whereabouts of the Down Syndrome child. “No, this is the child!” the daughter in law said. They were surprised as to how she had a beautiful baby! She indicated to them that this was due to Sathya Sai Baba.

Once in 2007, I was the guest of the Lord in Kodai. Swami asked me,“Hey Kishan, come, narrate how I changed the Down Syndrome child.” I responded “Swami, you are Krishna who protected Parikshit in the Bhagavatham, we have not seen it, we have read it, that Parikshit, was the only Pandava that was saved by Krishna, you yourself did that. Swami, you have done this miracle sitting in Puttaparthi, visiting London, how you have changed that child, our minds can’t comprehend that.”

Brothers and Sisters,
He has performed many miracles in front of me. You are very lucky that we have served the Lord. He has given me a small piece of work to do, at the University, Postgraduate department, and I am still busy with that.

Jai Sai Ram!