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A Letter from the Lord

God if you think of, God you are


My dear boys,

Are you feeling my presence in the very cells of your body? God if you think of, God you are. Dust if you think of, dust you are. Verily thoughts are things. As you think, so you become. What you sow, so you reap.

Spiritual development does not germinate from the seed sown in the soil of earthly pleasures. Every reaction in the form of evil or hatred is so much loss to the mind, and every evil thought or deed of hatred or any thought of reaction, if it is controlled, will be laid in your favour. It is not that you lose by thus restraining yourself. we are going to gain infinitely more than what we expect. Each time we suppress hatred or feeling of anger, it is so much energy stored up in your favour. That piece of energy is converted into the highest power.

My dear boys! Censure and praise are mere vibrations of air. The God in you is the GOD in all. If you have not known this you have known nothing. If you are pure and strong, you are equal to the whole world. Better to be raised than to be praised. Mere praising is falling down. Search the human mind and find out the One who made it. Where there is difference, remove it; where there is misunderstanding, drive it off. You should not compromise Divine interest. Truth is more fundamental than atom.

My Boys! Shake off all the hatred and jealousy. You will gain realization this moment. Attachment to the sense object detaches you from the Supreme. Your work is not to make the soul free but to get rid of bondage. God alone is eternal, Everything else is transitory. Everything dies. Rise above the body, consume it and then only you realize the Divinity. Self realization is the highest end of education.

Sai is always with you... in... around. Be good and happy.


From ‘Prem Dhara Part 2 page 2’