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National Sathya Sai Orientation Conference 2016 - A Youth Perspective

National Sathya Sai Orientation Conference A Personal Perspective

The start of the new year for our Organisation always sets off with the Sathya Sai Orientation Conference, from which the pathway and trajectory for the upcoming year is set forth. This year, emphasis was placed on Service which our Lord so lovingly exemplified; this provided the platform and the theme for our conference ‘Love in Action – the Sai Path’.

The earliest Conference I personally can recall dates back to 2004, when I participated as a young energetic youth, involved on the music front, with the National Youth Choir; this was my first real exposure to the ‘National Music’ team. Evidently though, things have changed over the years for me - the energy and enthusiasm are still very much there, but my involvement in the Sai Organisation has evolved over the years with active participation and deeper understanding. The ‘Sailent’ hand and guidance of our Beloved Bhagawan, is forever shaping our fortunes and paths – this is something that I have very much personally witnessed and experienced at various levels. I anticipated that this year’s Sathya Sai Orientation Conference would be similar to previous – in fact, I was proved wrong! It was the best that I can ever recall.

The inaugural address was delivered by our new President of the organisation, Dr. Veeru Mudigonda. He stressed upon the concept of the ‘Sai Family’ and how blessed we were to have Swami, who is an All-in-one facet (mother, father, etc), and it is because of Him that we were all present at such a grand event. Next, was our keynote speaker, Ms Marianne Meyer, Member Prasanthi Council & Director SSSWF. She touched upon the fact that it was our great fortune to be part of a wonderful organisation, one which has a very special aim - that being the removal of all hindrances that separate us from God, with this being our sole focus, when involved in Service/Sadhana. She emphasised that when we work together, we should overcome our differences, to develop oneness and unity and of strengthening our endeavour towards Human and Spiritual Excellence.

Throughout the day, we were treated to an array of excellent speakers, each sharing various anecdotes from their respective spiritual journeys. The two other activities of the day were our workshops, one of them was focussed upon ‘Love in Action‐ Ideal Sathya Sai Centre’. The main objective of this workshop was to understand, at a deeper level, the purpose and role of a Sathya Sai Centre; how each of the wings/activities, were intertwined, recognising that service, devotion and wisdom were interconnected, and to understand better what Swami’s words meant, when He says, “The main objective of the Sathya Sai Organisation is to help humanity recognize its inherent divinity. So, your duty is to emphasise the One, to experience the One in all...”.

Sometimes, our minds tend to forget the finer details that make the totality, and perhaps we would benefit by being reminded once in a while. That reminder came from our Zonal 7 Chair, Mrs. Petra von Kalinowski, in which, she arguably relayed the biggest compliment that our UK Sai Organisation has received ; that we are not an ordinary country of Europe, but a ‘locomotive’ – the quintessential engine – and that the UK Sai Organisation had a tremendous experience to offer and share. She reminded us that it was in the 90th year of the Advent of our Beloved Lord, where He made it possible, once again, for UK to become ‘United’ with Europe, so that we were no longer a distant isolated Island. Indeed, now the time had come for UK to unite with our fellow European brothers and sisters. She stressed upon how fortunate we were, to be ambassadors of Bhagawan Baba, but also to be blessed to serve in His Divine mission.

During the extensive, action-packed day, various messages of Unity, Cooperation, Communication, and Love in Action were touched upon. The Initial Workshop of ‘An Ideal Sai Centre’ brought home a lot of truths for us all, where we were repeatedly reminded of what the focus of the Organisation should be, and what Bhagawan expected of us all.

At the same time, it is days like these, where we should take the opportunity to reflect and bask in His Glory, and be forever thankful to Him, for providing us with such a wonderful ‘home’.

Kapil Dev Prashar
Region 3 Youth Coordinator