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Region 4 - A Spiritual Trip...

On Saturday 16th May 2015, the devotees of Narborough Sai Centre were fortunate to go on a spiritual day trip to the Venkateswara Balaji Temple in Tividale. We all left by coach in the morning around 9 am. During our journey we chanted prayers to fill ourselves with spiritual vibrations and after a very enjoyable time, we reached there at 10.45 am. Everyone was so impatient and eager to discover / visit this holy place and feel the divine atmosphere present in the area and inside the temples. One may wonder what a spiritual trip to a holy place brings. Swami gives us the answer:

"Never yield to indolence or despair. Suffer loss and grief gladly, for they help to toughen your personality. The diamond is found amidst rocks; you will have to blast through the vein to get gold. Follow the strict regimen that the doctor enforces in order to make the medicine yield the best result. The battery of your ‘car’ is charged when you come to Puttaparthi or when you go to some other holy place. Or at least that should be the aim of the pilgrimage. Charge the battery of your spiritual effort and then, after you return home, do not keep the car idle. If you do, the battery will run down; take the car around and keep it going; then the battery will charge itself. So also, if you do not continue the holy company, the good attitude, bhajans, and remembering God’s Name as part of your life, all this charging will turn into a waste.” - Divine Discourse, Jun 25, 1960

The Balaji temple is open to the public irrespective of one's creed, religion and ethnic origin, for prayers, spiritual fulfilment and meditation. It makes one realise the Unity in diversity and recollect with oneself.

As soon as we entered the gates and saw the majestic architecture of the mandirs surrounded by the greenery, we felt the serenity of the atmosphere. It was so peaceful. And the sun came out of the clouds especially for us! Our spiritual visit was about to start.

We started with the superb and divine Shirdi Mandir, where we were fortunate to be able to sing Bhajans for about an hour. Being in there really made us connect with and focus our attention on Shirdi Baba. The atmosphere was so beautiful; it felt as if we actually were in Shirdi. It also made us recollect instances from the Shirdi Sai Sat Charitra. We indeed have Shirdi Sai Sat Charitra readings twice a year in Narborough Sai Centre, and it is always a memorable day full of divine vibrations.

Everyone in our group was having a great time and could be seen with smiles on their faces. We then performed Aarti in front of Shirdi Sai and made our way to the main Temple.

This enormous Balaji temple was so pristine and full of divine vibrations. We sat down there for a while and took darshan of Lord Balaji, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Hanuman.

After this, as on the site there were different temples for different deities, we visited all the temples in our own time and took darshan.

At about 2.00 pm it was time for prasadam and we all sat down in a big group to have a picnic on the grass outside the temples.

The sun was shining with a cool little breeze and devotees had a beautiful satsang, talking amongst each other and sharing and caring for one another. We also sung some songs outside on the grounds and had a very joyful time playing games!

Unfortunately the day was coming to an end at about 4 pm and we had to say goodbye to Balaji Temple after a beautiful and spiritually recharging day out.

After getting on the coach all the devotees were so happy to have come and were all talking about what a beautiful divine day it had been. We were all blessed to be part of this day and look forward to another spiritual and divine trip!

Karisma & Karan Tanna,
Sathya Sai Centre of Narborough
SSIO UK Region 4