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Region 4 - A Very Inspiring Satsang...

For a number of weeks, a special spiritual Satsang had been awaited with great impatience by the Sai devotees of Leicester…

On 23rd May at 7pm, our humble guest for the evening, Dr Veeru Mudigonda, stepped in the hall and the session immediately started with prayers, few bhajans and a short video where Ravi Kumar sir, an alumnus of the SSSIHL in Prasanthi Nilayam, was singing a touching bhajan to our Lord.

Immediately following that, Dr Veeru was introduced. Dr Veeru was the National Spiritual Coordinator and currently the National Vice Chair of the SSSO UK. He has also been a Sai Student and therefore has got innumerable experiences with Bhagawan. He is currently working as a neurosurgeon in Cardiff.

Dr Veeru, throughout his talk, reminded all of us how extremely lucky we are to know Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Purna Avatar of Kali Yuga. His physical closeness with Swami enabled him to share unique moments with our Lord and experience His care and love. However, he insisted that it was not only because he was a Sai student that he has had lots of grace, but all of us are dear to Swami and, whether we have been physically close to Him or not, we all have a very strong relationship with Swami in our heart and He cares in the same way for all of us.

Dr Veeru also mentioned about how his family came to Swami, talking in particular about his brother’s past disease. At that time, he and his family were not devotees of Swami yet and his brother was suffering from a skin disease. One day, they were told that Lord Venkateshwara would come down the hill to cure him. They did not believe too much into this statement. But one day, in the darshan line, Swami came and, looking at Dr Veeru’s brother, He said: “It will be cured”. That was it! The boy got cured the next day! And faith in Swami grew up very strongly. How simply and beautifully our Swami attracts His devotees towards Him…

A short break during the talk was taken, and devotees had a light and refreshing prasad, which was then followed by one bhajan and the second half of this spiritual talk. In the middle of sharing of divine experiences, Dr Veeru wholeheartedly sang 2 beautiful bhajans which devotees enthusiastically joined and this was followed by a Questions & Answers session. This beautiful evening ended with Arati and devotees left the centre filled with divine energy and with the desire to have more satsangs like this, in order to fill themselves with divine vibrations and share spiritual thoughts.

With much Sai Love,
Marine Aufranc, Spiritual Coordinator Sathya Sai Centre of Narborough
SSIO UK, Region 4