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Region 4 - Global Service Day

On Saturday 18th July 2015 we celebrated our Global Service Day at Birstall Parish Hall, Leicester. Our 65 guests were excited in anticipation of the day ahead. They had tea and biscuits on arrival and then joined us in bhajans. Chirag one of our youth started the session with some very funny Gujarati jokes which brought lots laughter. This was followed by some soul stirring songs by Chirag and Suman sung by Saints of India that are familiar to our guests. The guests were then served with hot delicious lunch which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

The afternoon session started with an unusual game where our guests where all given paper plates and a pen. They had to place the plate on their head and draw a house with a chimney, door and windows, a sun and gate. It was an eye opener to see their pictures, some of which were amazingly accurate. The next game got their grey cells working where each team of guests on their table had to work together to make a list for example of different types of flour, models of cars, names of the variety of flowers and names of actors in certain films. There was great team work between the seva dals and the guests.

Quite a few of guests love to sing, so the next item on the programme was solo performances! Many of the guests also joined in our final item which was Garbas the traditional folk dance of Gujerat. After Aarti we took our guests who had happy smiles on their faces home. We were smiling too; the day gave us lots of happiness!!

The joy one gets while promoting another's joy is incomparable. ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba ~

Anita & Sadhana
Sathya Sai Centre of Narborough
SSIO UK Region 4