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Region 4 - Rudra Homam

A day full of divine vibrations

"It is the foremost duty of everyone to pray for the peace, welfare and happiness of all people in every country. Everyone must strive to promote the peace and welfare of the world. You must broaden your outlook, shedding the narrow concern about your own well-being, and developing the eagerness to promote the welfare of the world as a whole. You must recognise the basic truth that your individual well-being is bound up with the well-being of all people. On every available occasion recite the sacred name of the Lord". Bhagawan Baba (sss19-07)

On Sunday 6 September 2015, a day of prayers for peace took place in the very hallowed site of the Sri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple, Birmingham.

To start with, the weather was absolutely beautiful. The altar, which had been prepared the day before, was radiant with its purple tone. Purple is the colour of spirituality, which is what our world needs the most currently.

The programme started with bhajans at around 8:15am, followed by a procession conducted by all the male chanters, departing from the Shirdi temple within the precincts of Balaji temple. Reciting various Vedic prayers with heartfelt enthusiasm, they entered the marquee, bringing in strong vibrations.

After a brief introduction by our National Chair, Dr Kiran Patel, the priest addressed the gathering of devotees, explaining the processes of the different pujas that were going to be conducted, and their inner significance This was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to gather and sing prayers for peace, and have the details and signification of the prayers explained by the priests. For Swami’s 90th birthday, the opportunity to conduct a Gayathri Puja as a part of this Homam, was offered to devotees. Dozens of devotees took part in it and venerated Gayathri. What a blessed moment!

The much awaited moment finally arrived: the recitation of Rudram 11 times. Rudram is a very important Vedic mantra, and Swami specified that it is the essence of all the Vedas. The Lord’s name has got immense powers, and chanting it has been recommended by our dearest Bhagawan especially in this Kali Yuga Age. He says that “the Divine name can turn poison into nectar”.(SSS 22-15).

The recitation was done with much dedication, energy and devotion. Let us pray that these strong vibrations of Rudram chanting have brought more peace to the world.

Once the Rudra Ekaadashini was concluded, a few more prayers (Astakams and Stotrams) were recited and whilst some special rituals were performed on the Lingam by the priests; bhajans started again. Devotees then had darshan of the Lingam and Prasadam was distributed, with bhajans still being sung in the background, so that the air was always filled with melodious vibrations.

The afternoon programme started with a talk by Professor Shyam Sunder. He shared with us his divine experiences with our Lord. Devotees thoroughly enjoyed it and that was yet another divine opportunity to listen to Swami’s glory and Message. The last item of this wonderful day was a very melodious Hindustani Vocal concert given by Sister Deepa. This was a pleasure to the ears and brought us all nicely to the end of this blessed day. Aarti was offered to Swami and devotees started to slowly leave, their hearts filled to the brim with joy and peace.

It was such a wonderful day full of blissful vibrations and we pray to our dearest Lord to always give us such opportunities to sing His name and be used as instruments to bring peace in our tormented world. Jai Sai Ram.

Marine Aufranc,
Spiritual Coordinator at Narborough Sai Centre, Leicester.