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Region 1 - Bhajan Workshop

‘The Ananda (joy) I derive from Bhajans, I do not derive from anything else.’-Sri Sathya Sai Baba

On Saturday 11th April, Region 1 organised a Bhajan (devotional singing) workshop that was hosted by Sathya Sai Centre of Tooting. The workshop started with 3 Oms followed by 2 Bhajans. It was a good interactive workshop with a slide presentation where the significance of singing Bhajans was explained

The workshop emphasised on the importance of learning the meaning of each and every word of a bhajan, to meditate on the meaning and connect to the bhajan. A great way to sing and bring out the feeling in a bhajan was to understand the words and to create a story, if possible. One must also practice the bhajan a hundred times, if required to ensure one is perfect before leading in a Sai centre. Guidelines were provided to singers; for instance, when an opportunity arises to lead a bhajan, it is important to understand the meanings behind the words and to sing with the deepest feeling of love to the Lord. Lead bhajans only if one can sing to proper scale and have a good voice, and select simple, short bhajans. Singing devotional songs helps to purify the heart, mind and the surroundings. The list of bhajans in the centre should contain at least two English and also one or two multi-faith bhajans as a rough guide. One should arrive at the venue well before the start of the devotional meeting, and after the bhajan, one must avoid indulging in unnecessary talk; instead one should maintain silence and reflect upon the experience. In this way, one is able to take home the divine vibrations. I learnt a lot from the bhajan workshop and look forward to the next one.

Jai Sai Ram
Jugdish Injore