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Region 6 - Family Values Day

19 July 2015

Wow! What an amazing day! The excitement was literally fizzing in the air, the joy bouncing on our faces, as we enjoyed it. Even the weather seemed to show its excitement by giving us a sunny cloudless day with a cool breeze in the afternoon. It was so much fun that friends had promised to come next year and to bring other fellow friends.

In my opinion it was the best day that Swami had given us. The day started off with a procession, followed by a treasure hunt. We, as the older children, helped the younger ones to find the hidden gift bags, thus experiencing one of the true meaning of Family Values Day, ie. of sharing and teamwork.

After that we had a choice of different sports ranging from cricket, tennis, football, basketball and many more. Later we had the planned races: the sack race which was very hard; the “lime and spoon” races and finally the three legged races (always a laugh.) All the children, parents and teachers participated in these races

Furthermore we had a "tug of peace" event in which all the females compete against all the males. This year the females had won -I think this was because they had more of them!!

A very special thanks to all the parents for providing us with a scrumptious lunch. What a spread it was, enough for second and third helpings!!

The day ended with the presentations of beautifully decorated certificates, which brought further joy to our hearts.

Thank you Swami for this glorious day and beautiful weather - I certainly look forward to next year’s event.

Subigya Ranapaili
Age 11
Region 6 SSE Student