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Love and Light

Region 2 - Family Values Day

Swami lovingly reminds us,

“Life is Love, enjoy it;
Life is Challenge, meet it;
Life is a Song, sing it;
Life is a Dream, realize it;
Life is a Game, play it;
Life is a Goal, achieve it.“

The Annual Summer Region 2 Family Values / Sports Day has been a wonderful opportunity to bring together children, youth and adults and spend time together.

The Family Values Day was planned for Sunday 12th of July 2015. Despite the weather prediction of heavy rain, with our beloved Swami’s Grace, it held off until the event got finished. The centre SSE coordinators, teachers, youth, parents, members of the Region 2 team and other volunteers all helped organise to put together the wonderful event.

With gazeboes to house a little altar for prayers on one side and plenty of food and drinks on the other side, the day started with prayers. The sports field was large with an athletics track which was convenient for the races. All the children took part in flat races and a relay, cheered and encouraged by the parents, youth and other adults.

Many of the adults also took part in a flat race and were cheered on by the children. The younger children then went on to play games such as dodge ball, duck duck goose and obstacle course races while the older children enjoyed games of rounders, football and cricket. The bouncy balls were a big favourite with all the children. It was good to see the men enjoying cricket and football along with the children.

Lunch and drinks were provided by the SSE teachers and other volunteers. After a couple of hours of fun and games, everyone enjoyed the food and a bit of relaxation. The day finished with group photographs.

More than 120 people participated at the Family Values Day. As always, we were grateful to our Lord Sathya Sai for giving us this opportunity to come together in love and unity.

Shyama Jeyaseelan
Region 2 SSE Coordinator