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Region 2 - Chanting and Glorifying the Divine Name: A Teenagers Reflection

Every Sunday my mum and I go to the Sai centre to offer our pranams to Swami. I was asked to write an article about my belief in Swami and also on Lakhacharana, at first I was confused and overwhelmed about what I should write about. However after attending the Laksharchana, I learnt a lot about my belief and how it was explained. Originally we practised Buddhism and many of Lord Buddhaís teachings are similar to Sathya Sai Babaís teachings.

When I was in Sri Lanka, every Friday, I used to go and take part in Sai activities, before I moved to England. I didnít enjoy it at first as a toddler and I was always complaining about how boring it was, but over time my faith in Sai Baba has grown, and Iíve learnt so many lessons such as to always be kind, never lie, respect elders and Swami taught to love all and serve all.

Since my grandparents were also Sai devotees, I can remember now how much Swami meant to them and how much they prayed to Swami every day. Every year they visited Swami. My mum told me how my grandparents saw Swami in person and how Swami blessed my grandfather by materialising a gemstone, for him. This has been passed down to us. Itís wonderful. My mum always told us that if we keep faith in Swami, He will always be there with us. I know that my mum always believes in Swami, she prays to him every day and has total faith in him. Over time my faith in Swami has also grown.

I have been coming here to the Sathya Sai Centre of Southall West for almost 10 years on sundays and we join in the singing the bhajans . It makes us feel peaceful and blessed. We also do meditation and at the end of the bhajan session, I always distribute Swamiís vibhuti and enjoy doing it very much because the devotees bless me when I give out the vibhuti.

On Sunday 3 May 2015, a Laksharchana was organised at the centre.

The Laksharchana which was conducted by Uncle Vadgama was magical. It brought us all together amidst vibrations and we all enjoyed it.
Iíve learnt many teachings from Swami. Such as we should always have love and do activities with love and that we should all have patience in everything we do. We all need patience in our lives. Compassion is another of Babaís teachings; that we should all have compassion in our lives. Respect and treat others the same way no matter what their race or religion.

Baba told this quote to many of his devotees, ĎNever turn away anybody from your door, be it a human being or animalí. Be selfless and perform selfless acts to the poor, sick and the needy not for rewards but out of kindness and love. Donít lie and always tell the truth and promote peace and respect the laws put in place by society and take care of the environment.

I know that if I keep my faith in Swami, I will also be successful and happy because I know that Swami is always with me. The last 10 years of coming to the Sai Centre has helped me so much through my life so far and my belief in him will always remain till the end because I know that he will always be by my side.

Senali Kohomange - 14 years
Sathya Sai Centre of Southall West, Region 2