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Region 2 - Visit to Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple and Farm

16th August 2015

At the Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple, there were two huge, beautifully decorated statues of Rama and Sita and Krishna and Radha. We met our friends there and we prayed and listened to bhajans for about five minutes, then we left the temple, pulled on our welly boots, and got ready to do some farming!

Everybody drove a bit further on from the temple to the farm entrance. The placid scenery was full of rather plump cows and horses in the barn grazing on the tawny hillside. Some of us even spotted a few cheeky bunny rabbits!

As we entered the farm, there was a small pond with goldfish swimming around in it. A volunteer explained to us that there were different types of spinach to harvest, so keep them separate from each other.

We had to gently grasp the roots and pull it out and after we had a big bunch, tie it up with a rubber band. All of us ended up getting dirt in our nails as we weren’t wearing gloves!

After this, the adults carried on harvesting the spinach and the children went off to pick blackberries and raspberries and taste them! We were warned to be careful of thorns and stinging nettles, yet some of us still got stung from the nettles. Ouch! Fortunately, we rinsed our hands out with cold water and it was all better.

Me and a few other ladies were asked to weed a huge patch of coriander and dill. One of the people thought the just-planted coriander was ready to be harvested, but they weren’t.

Lunchtime! We all had a plate of scrumptious rice and curry and the most heavenly banana milkshake! Once we were done, a volunteer, who was serving rice, asked us kids if we wanted to feed the fish with rice in the pond. We politely said yes, and tossed it in to the pond as the fish eagerly gobbled it up.

We walked back to the car park, arms full of fresh fruit and vegetables and we drove back home. This was the best farm trip ever!!!

Harinima, SSE Group 1
Sathya Sai Centre of London West
Region 2