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Love and Light

Region 2 - YAP: Painting the fences at Mother Theresa Soup Kitchen Southall

With a small team of dedicated youth we were able to add a splash of colour to the fences of the already beautiful Mother Teresa garden. Struck by the array of flowers and colours of the garden, the mind of each young person mellowed to a peaceful state.

With great enthusiasm and energy and a yearning to start the spiritual service, the youth started painting. Without losing focus, thinking about worldly attachments, distractions and time, each fence panel had its first coating just before lunch.

The second coat of paint was completed after lunch and we were blessed to have the privilege to see the final product of our work.

Whilst it was satisfying to see the difference made, we must dedicate the final product of our service to Swami and thank him for the wonderful weather He provided on the day to enable us to carry out the service project.

Dinu Sajnani

Youth Coordinator, Sathya Sai Centre of Harrow East
SSIO UK, Region 2