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My Sai And I

Dear Readers! It is well known that the Infinite Majesty and Glory of the Lord cannot be captured in full measure by the human mind. However, the sweetness of His Glory can be instantly enjoyed by recounting the experiences of devotees who have contacted God, have been blessed by His Grace and chosen as His Instruments. Bhagawan Baba also says that such an exercise fosters a taste for Godward thoughts in us, and thus brings us ‘nearer ‘ and makes us ‘dearer’ to God. This Special Feature contains articles written by ardent devotees of Bhagawan describing their Experiences with Divinity, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, especially narrating ‘how’ they first came to Him! Rather more aptly, how they received His Divine Intimation! His Divine Call! We pray to our beloved Bhagawan Baba to keep us strongly connected with Him always.
Love & Light Team

We all have experienced at various times the magnificence of the divine experience touching our lives. I would like to share one of my earlier personal experience as a youth where Bhagawan’s divine omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience were revealed to me all at once.

It was at the dawn of the millennium that I had this wonderful opportunity to join the portals of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning as an MBA student in the month of May 2000. Having been brought up in a Sai family, I always had Sai in my life. However, it never occurred to me that I will be able to study in Baba’s institute till the time it truly happened. Prior to joining Sri Sathya Sai Institute, I was a student in an Engineering College and was an active worker in the Sathya Sai Organisation in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu District, India.

It was during my final year of engineering studies in the month of April 2000, when I was sitting for my final semester exams, that my parents met with a terrible bus accident but got miraculously saved. It so happened that on my mother’s compulsion to support me during my exams, my parents who were at the time away in our home town in Kerala, had decided to return to Coimbatore. On their way, their bus collided with a truck in the hills of Wayanad in Kerala, leaving many travellers dead and many more severely injured. It was sheer divine grace that the bus did not roll over the cliffs into the deep valleys. On seeing this accident, the villagers rushed to the spot and as they were rushing the injured and the dead to the hospital nearby, they found a lady entrapped in the seat that she was sitting on, but which had now badly twisted and coiled around her. They tried to rescue this lady from the clutches of the seat, only to realise that she was unconscious. My father who had escaped the wrath of this accident with just a wrist fracture, and was frantically searching for my mother in the prevailing chaos, found that it was her who was trapped in this seat. All the co- travellers in adjacent seats were scattered dead around her. At the hospital, my mother was found to have escaped with only a minor fracture in her pelvis! It was deemed that the seat she was sitting on had somehow miraculously wrapped up around her and protected her from major injuries and indeed saved her life!

My mother was admitted in the observation ward in this remote village hospital. An unknown old lady came to her and handed over a photograph of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and packet of vibhooti (ash) and told her, ‘Sai will protect!’. As lifelong devotees, my parents were quick to realise that they were under Bhagawan’s divine care and that He had protected them! Life moved on, as my parents slowly recovered from their fractures. In the month of July 2000, as a student, I had prayed to Bhagawan that I be blessed with an opportunity to read Shirdi Baba’s Sai Satcharitra as a Sapthaha (completed in 7 days). I started the reading process. On the 29th July 2000, having completed the reading of the whole book, I was sitting in the Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam for Baba’s afternoon Darshan (divine sight). That was the same day when I also had the opportunity to deliver a speech in the morning in the University Foyer session sharing my experiences. That afternoon, as Swami glided through the darshan and came in front of me, He paused and started a conversation with Prof. Anil Kumar (Referred to as Prof A.K in the transcript below) who was sitting right by me. Swami was narrating to him how He had protected two of His devotees.

Prof A.K: Swami, one MBA boy...

Swami: I know. He is from Coimbatore. I know him even when he was studying Engineering. He used to study very well and get good marks, He had come here for service as a sevadal. After finishing engineering he struggled very much for coming here. I know his parents also. One day they were going in a bus and it got smashed. (For showing that, Swami joined both His hands with force). His mother is very devoted to me. Nothing happened to her. Father had little wavering mind, that is why he got a small injury on hand.

As Swami was narrating this whole episode, minute by minute in detail, I realised in my mind that He was talking about my parents! As soon as this thought crossed my mind, Swami suddenly and deeply looked into my eyes and asked me if all that He shared regarding the accident was true and how my parents were? He then explained to the Professor the details of the injuries my parents had and then started talking about me and the seva (service work) I used to perform in Kodaikanal when Swami used to visit. Swami then turned to Prof Anil Kumar and said ‘The boy spoke in the morning’

Prof A.K: Yes Swami.

Swami: Then why are you not telling

Prof A.K: Swami, I am hearing whatever he spoke, through you Swami! (Swami smiled and went back) Swami came again at around 4.15 pm. An American devotee, who trains the band students, spoke with Swami in Telugu. Swami was happy with his grasp of Telugu. After spending a few minutes with the devotee and interacting with another student, Swami gave me a wonderful opportunity to speak to Him for a few minutes and then materialised a ring to put on my ring finger.

Swami: Which engineering you did?

Myself: Computers

Swami: Computer! Come-pure (Swami then materialised a diamond studded ring and asked for my left hand and put it in)

Myself: Swami, pada namaskar (touch of the divine feet)?

Swami: You took in the morning, if it is there inside the Heart, that's enough. What do you want?

Myself: I want to be dear to you

Swami: What is your name?

Myself: Aneesh

Swami: What is your full name?

Myself: Aneesh Mohan

Swami: If you remove Moha (attachment) you become Aneesh (light).

He then looking at the ring in my finger said ‘Perfect size’. True to His words, it is still the most perfectly sized ring I have, even more perfect than the subsequent wedding ring which was measured and made by a family jeweller!

Swami went back to interview room

As part of that wonderful conversation, Swami asked me ‘Which Engineering you did?’ I responded, ‘Computers’! Swami in His ever profound way with words, said ‘Come-Pure’. As if the all-knowing omniscient Sai didn’t know, He then asked for my name and on replying Swami said ‘If you remove Moha you will become Aneesh’. In my spiritual journey whilst aspiring to make my life His message, I am still studying and understanding the profundity of the messages Sai had given me. However I realise that it is the journey of my lifetime to comprehend, appreciate and live up to the divine message.

This personal incident taught me many learnings about how to offer myself to our divine Lord. The biggest learning being, there is NOTHING whatsoever in our lives that is unknown to Sai; there is NO-Place where-so-ever in the universe that Sai is not present; and there is NOTHING how-so-ever big or small that Sai cannot do if His devotees are in need! Here is the Omnipresent Sai protecting my parents and our family from a life threatening accident and today my parents are a good example of this divine blessing, continuing to be in His divine service.

On hearing the news of my parents’ accident, I was so upset and eager to go and see them in my hometown, that in my final examination paper I had not attempted questions beyond the pass mark of 50%. However, when my University exam results were announced, to my utter surprise, I had secured 90% marks in that paper! This helped me subsequently to pursue my MBA in the Sathya Sai Institute. I am unable to explain that! I know that it was only due to my Omnipotent Sai who made me pass with distinction. Again I know, that it was my All knowing Omniscient Sai who waited for me to complete my Saptaha reading of Shirdi Sai Sath Charitra as a prayer offering and on the seventh day of completion granted me this beautiful Darshan (divine sight), Sparshan (divine touch) and Sambashan (divine conversation), and blesses me with this divine experience.

Having experienced His omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence, I have always observed the importance and the power of Complete Surrender to Swami. The surrender must be either a 1 OR 0: Either one surrenders or doesn’t. There are no conditions in this surrender! No matter what happens in our lives, no matter what the outcomes be, the one who surrenders must realise that Sai will take care. While it needs constant practise every moment in our life to realise this truth, it is very powerful, effective and inevitable for a Sai spiritual aspirant. It is important to realise that the good and the bad in our life and all that we see happens around us is because of His Will. A beautiful example of this is to believe that each one of us as a well-made ‘pen’. How foolish and futile will it be if the pen starts thinking how beautifully it wrote the essays? The realisation of a devotee in the true path of surrender must be to realise that he/she is not the doer but the Lord is the true doer. We are like the pen and the one who uses us to write the beautiful essays is the Lord.

With these words I want to end with a prayer to my ever loving Sai. Oh Lord, Allow all of us- your devotees the wisdom to realise that you are the doer in our lives in all that happens to us. Swami, choose each one of us as your effective and pure instrument (pen) to write the message of your mission and give us an opportunity to make our lives your message by our thoughts, words and deeds.

As I have always prayed to Sai from my childhood, I take the opportunity to pray on behalf of all of us- ‘Swami, Make us all Dear to you…’ Jai Sai Ram.

This experience with transcript was recorded in ‘Thus Spake Sai’ dated 29 July 2000

Aneesh Mohan
MBA (2000-2002), SSSIHL, Prasanthi Nilayam Active member and SSE teacher, Sathya Sai Centre Milton Keynes and Sathya Sai Group, Aylesbury, Region 3 SSIO UK