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Souljourns with Ted Henry in UK

“For many years I knew there was a guiding light in my life, but I was not fully aware of it…it was just a hunch. While serving for two years in the United States “Peace Corps” program (college graduates serving abroad living in villages in developing countries), I first became aware of Sai Baba. Living in the interior of Paraguay, South America in 1968 I came across an article about Swami with a big photo of him in the story. I wasn’t sure what to make of this man but the article left an impression with me that I never forgot. Fast forward 30 years, I went to see Baba after learning more about him from my wife Jody, who was an ardent devotee. Baba called me in for an interview in a very interesting way (which I’ll explain later) and made a ring for me!

We made 19 trips to see Sai Baba, and we felt touched by his love each time. As a special treat, I’m sure, in 2008, I was chosen and approved by Swami to be one of two speakers to speak in the Divine Presence on Christmas Day. It was the thrill of a lifetime. I spoke almost exclusively about our Souljourns work, and after I had finished my 25 minute talk, Baba had smiled and patted me as if I were his pet puppy. I continue to feel his Presence in all aspects of our work. Souljourns was my wife, Jody’s idea for which I’m very pleased.

For both Jody and me, Sai Baba is our Sadguru. What more can be said? Being One with Baba leads to Self Awareness, something which I have come to understand is available, right now, fully, to all of us.”

Dear brothers and sisters, the above is a small glimpse from Ted Henry into his life’s journey with Sai. It is indeed our privilege to welcome him amidst us to the UK as the Chief Guest at the Sathya Sai National Human Values Day on the 24th April 2016 in Leicester. Ted and his wife Jody, have been global ambassadors in the service of Swami’s Divine Mission through their unique programme: Souljourns. Through the video interviews with devotees on this programme, they have succeeded in capturing, both for now and for the future generations, the flow of Swami’s selfless and pure love to His devotees across the world. Indeed many have felt inspired, their faith strengthened and their lives spiritualised through Souljourns.

Ted, in a simple and humble way, is ever eager to share Swami’s Love which he continues to experience everyday, with all of us. Let us also participate in this pure, selfless sharing and enjoy the bliss. Please register here for the National Human Values Day.

Also, Ted has been generous with our request and has agreed to undertake a tour across UK during his short visit, meeting with devotees in various Regions of SSIO UK. Thus, apart from the National Human Values Day, meetings have been organised in Oldham, Bedford, Bristol and in different parts of London. We encourage all devotees to utilise this grand opportunity without fail.

Please click the flyer below for the Programme Schedule and Registration.

Brief Profile

Ted Henry has been a Television journalist for more than 40 years. In 2009 he retired from WEWS-TV, the ABC network affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio, USA where among his many duties, he presented a weekly news report on spirituality called, "Heart and Soul". These video accounts were always intended to pursue those most interested in learning about the purpose of their being and their truest identity. Eventually these spiritual explorations led to Ted's work with Souljourns.

Because he's a journalist with a long standing interest in spirituality, Ted and his wife, Jody Cleary have traveled extensively for the past 19 years conducting long form video interviews with reputed "Holy" people. Many of these interviews are with followers of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The stories reported within these interviews nearly always embody the important eastern spiritual concept of advaita, oneness, non-duality.

Ted and Jody work as a team seeking and locating people whose lives have been transformed by mystical, religious or spiritual pursuit. Thus far they have recorded more than a hundred and twenty interviews. In their dozens of trips abroad, as well as around America, Ted and Jody have found many individuals whose stories of devotion and spiritual seeking are inspiring, loving and transformative.