Aquacare Project - Africa 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Aum Sai Ram

With the divine blessings of Bhagawan Baba, we are pleased to announce two Aquacare projects that will be undertaken by SSIOUK, in Lagos, Nigeria and Dar-Es-Salam, Tanzania .

Water covers 75% of the earth's surface. However, despite its vast abundance, safe drinking water remains a scarce commodity in many parts of the developing world. The lack of clean water has devastating impact on the lives of those who live there.

The World Health Organisation/UNICEF Joint monitoring programme for water supply and sanitation, has estimated that 783 million people do not have access to clean and safe water; 37% of those people live in Sub-Saharan Africa. The United Nations reported that in developing countries, as much as 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions.

Inspired by Bhagawan's outpouring of love, in response to the need for clean drinking water, in villages and cities around India, the Sri Sathya Sai International Organisation UK, has undertaken Aquacare projects in India and Africa.

By Swami's grace we have identified two further Aquacare projects in Africa. Working in partnership with our brothers and sisters of the Sai organisations in Nigeria and Tanzania, we have the opportunity to establish heart-to-heart connection with villagers in Lagos and Dar Es Salam. We will be providing bore wells and filtration systems that will make safe drinking water accessible.

Our Aquacare projects provide an opportunity for us to put into practice ceiling on desires, as advised by Swami. Explaining the aims of the Ceiling on desires programme, Swami said,

"There is a programme connected with "Ceiling on Desires." You must realise that this programme has not been launched to raise funds. The object of the programme is to prevent waste of money, time, food, or other resources and to use all these for the welfare of the people. The money that is saved need not be kept for the Sathya Sai Organisations. It may be used in the best way you choose for the benefit of others. Do not waste time. Time wasted is life wasted. Time is God. Sanctify all the time at your disposal by undertaking service activities in a pure and unselfish spirit.

Likewise, with regard to food you must ask, "Am I just eating what I need, or more? Am I wasting food?" So also with regard to money: "Am I using this money for my own selfish needs or for boosting my name and fame or to satisfy my ego and vanity?" Once you start seeking answers to these questions, there is no greater spiritual practice.

These are the aims of the "Ceiling on Desires Programme." It was never the purpose of this programme to collect money for the Sathya Sai Organisations. The object was to encourage you to share your money with others, to give you an opportunity to utilise your surplus resources for some good and noble purpose that will sanctify your life".

Sathya Sai Speaks Vol.17 Chapter 16

Brothers and sisters, we invite all devotees interested in participating in these Aquacare projects to contact the service wing by sending an email containing your name and contact phone number to

You will then be contacted with information on how to participate in this project. Please visit our national website for updates.

Jai Sai Ram

National Service Team